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The dark side of blogging (as a professional)

Well, I recently wrote, in one of my several irritating good mood days, about the 7 things I love about Travel blogging . I Didn’t just tell what I really love of this activity, no matter if made for work or in spare time, I also told you what to do in order to love it as well, and find motivation.

Well, I have to read it back because today I’m on the dark side of the moon (90% bloggers and mainly travel bloggers are quite moody… I’d even say bipolar and that’s way they periodically need to escape).
Today I can just think about the reasons why blogging can be like hell, also in this case, no matter if as a profession or as a kind of… self imposition.


As a matter of fact, smartphone notes had no influence in my life and noting habits.

Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:

Well, yes, because when you’ve been working on your blog for so many years, even when you haven’t earned a dime from it yet, this becomes a kind of self mission and you’ll treat it like a job. Maybe because you know that this is the only way to make it become a true job.

Just to sum up some of the less serious symptoms, as a blogger:

  • You check your stats every day, more times in one day. Or in one hour.
  • You feel guilty when you can’t write (even if you can’t because busy with those strange things called ‘true, paid, jobs’).
  • You are afraid that people would think you’re dead if you don’t write… despite your post pics and short sentences on Instagram or twitter and despite nobody really cares if you are alive or not.

This satanic possesion must be analysed by a good psychologist. I think, when you start your blog, in addition to finding a good accountant able to understand what your work is about, you also have to find a psycologist suitable for your kind of job/activity, mainly when you become your boss, as in point #4.

Now, let’s get deep into the reasons why blogging can be like hell. 


#1 – You loose  ‘daily dowtimes’

So, you like reading on the bus and on the train? You wouldn’t renouce it for nothing in the world?
Well, so don’t start a blog. At first, you won’t care about it and you’ll keep on doing the things you commonly do in daily spare time. But as times goes by, the blog will take possesion of all your waiting moments. And of you.
I’d even suggest you to start smoking in order to prevent you from taking that fu****** smartphone as soon as you’ll be alone doing nothing.

Do you like reading before sleaping? Well, after a while the only things you’ll read before sleeping will be

  • other blogs
  • manuals
  • Apps for photo editing
  • Instagrammers to follow and following you back

in short:

#2 – You will always have your face on the f****** smartphone

This will be detrimental for your circadian rhythms and sleep. Oh, you were so happy when you received/bought that Iphone, weren’t you?
Well, the truth is you were given to him, not the contrary.

#3 you must explain to your accountant what you exactly do (and you’ll see what panic really looks like) 

I’ll always remember the first time i saw Munch’s The Scream. It was not in Olso (when I was there the painting was still away, stolen). I saw it on my accountant’s face as I told him about some small concept and words related to my job, such as:

  • digital nomadism
  • blog
  • adsense
  • affiliation


He didn’t get a word, for sure. And I’m always afraid that the Italian Government will fine me for something I didn’t declare or that I declared but they didn’t get. (Our prime minister is considered ‘young and modern’ because he uses power point slides during some of his speeches! Wow, such an innovator!)

#4 – when you have problems with your boss

Sometimes, I have the impression the boss doesn’t like my face.
And it’s reciprocal. The point is… the boss is me.
Bipolarism is one of the main issues to face, since you’ll struggle with your-self/boss for too strict deadlines and you’ll have to explain your-self/boss why the hell you couldn’t meet them.

i hate my job i love my job

5# – people will complain 

There are things other people can’t understand.
If, while watching the TV with a friend/boyfriend/mom/dad on the sofa, you’ll have a look at your mobile, they’ll complain that

  • you are always at work,
  • you don’t have time to share with them, and will remind you that
  • you’ve probably sold you soul for very low rates.


No matter if they work in an office 8-9 hours a day you can’t even call them or text them in working hours, while they can came to your home on saturday morings for a quick coffee and 2 hours confidences about their last date (and your deadline is coming closer and your boss is there pointing the clock). You’ll always be a workaholic.

I don’t even want to think about the day I’ll be a mum myself.

Now it’s your turn bloggers: what’s your daily hell?

22 thoughts on “The dark side of blogging (as a professional)

  1. Lol, so true! I’m attached to my smartphone and can never just have downtime without working on something. There is always something to be done! Thankfully, my family knows that I am working when I’m on my phone, so they don’t bother me about it too much, but it’s still probably a good idea to put it down sometimes!

  2. I represent the 10% of non-moody bloggers. Obviously blogging can be an obsession, just like anything else, and we can be very hard on ourselves to succeed, but everything in life has to be pursued with moderation. The fact is no one actually cares if I don’t publish for a day or three or ten. When it stops being fun, it should just stop.

  3. It’s true. I just launched my first E-book for US Military members moving to Europe. I think I’ve re-loaded my Amazon dashboard ooooh, a gagillion times today 😉 When I first started, it was equally as bad with google analytics!!

  4. haha sorry to hear, I can relate to a lot of these and understand all of them. Anything that is your passion and that does not make you rich will cause those feeling. i guess even if you were getting rich you would still have the same doubts from time to time. Good luck hope you feel better now

  5. So true! I’m not full-time at it but still feel many of these. I’m trying to get back to ignoring my analytics but it’s so easy to check them over and over again. Thanks for sharing

  6. Basically, lacking the wide audience that I want despite continuously writing new content. I must admit though that you seem to be working on your blog much more than I am, so I’ll be patient for now.

  7. Although we are not professional bloggers and it’s only a part-time hobby for us, we still spend a lot of time doing it and sometimes it does feel like a regular job. I hate phones, so I guess, spending most of my time glued to a smartphone is just not for me.

  8. I think all those points are very valid and can definitely get to you if you let them! About 6 months I let blogging take over ever part of my life, I did it at my ‘real’ job, while watching tv, when I went out with friends. But I loved doing it! I loved reading other blogs and connecting with my readers. It took a serious fight with my bf to realize that I was spending far too much time! I took a couple of months to just take a break and prioritize. Now, I have figured out a much more manageable schedule and don’t spend every free minute working!

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