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lavorare in viaggio - laptop e valigia
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5 ways travel has changed in the last decade

The travel industry has undergone rapid change in recent years. With more and more globetrotters taking to the skies each year, we see new gizmos popping up on the travel market and new exotic locations being added to bucket lists all the time. Today’s brand of international travellers are using technology and travel services very …

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The unique magic of a wedding in the UK: which place to choose and why

I come from a very Mediterranean place, you know, my beloved south Italy. And here in south Italy, wedding is something people take very seriously and maybe that’s why I haven’t had one (yet).  But I was lucky enough to be a guest at many weddings scattered all around Europe, from Serbia to France and …

Capsule Wardrobe_how to personalize it_tamara-bellis-403583-unsplash
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How to create your capsule wardrobe from scratch

Leggi in italiano My dear friends who live with a suitcase at the foot of the bed, my beloved fanatics of light luggage as a lifestyle, advocates of the idea that there’s no need to have Chiara Feagni’s wardrobe to be stylish, let’s talk about something we all love: capsule wardrobe! I had already given …

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Coworking spaces: when design takes care of you

leggi in italiano Let’s get back to coworking, a topic very close to the hearts of digital nomads, along with design aimed at users’ well-being, which is also very dear to me. Whereas design is actually often aimed at people who stay in accommodations such as hotels, holiday homes and even hostels, coworking spaces on …

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Design and lifestyle ideas, from hotels to your house

Leggi in italiano  When I talk about “taking something from the hotel” I stay at, I don’t mean bathrobes, towels, slippers and all that kind of stuff. It’s not simply out of a personal travel ethics but also because there’s definitely no chance I can squeeze more things in my baggage and especially in the …