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English Freelance Life

Why you don’t have to give up your job to do what you like and live the way you want

Leggi in italiano How many of you get regular offers on their Facebook wall from sponsored posts suggesting a course/method/app/personal coaching that says “How to quit your job and do what you love full-time”? How many of you have read this year at least once some post about “How I’ve managed to quit my 9am …

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Digital nomad in Italy: tips for your nomad period in this amazing country

Leggi in Italiano A period around the amazing Italian scenarios, riding a vespa or an old Fiat 500; some month working from a terrace in Rome or in Tuscany, then moving with your laptop along the southern coasts of Puglia and Basilicata, replying to your client’s e-mails from a  white shore. It’s not a dream, …

Destinations English Oceania

Wild Australia: what to know and how to plan your trip

Leggi in italiano Do you ever dream of Australia? Here’s some useful info before leaving to a different time zone, climate, temperature and places that especially the wild souls can’t miss. “If you’re dreaming of Australia, wake up and make your dream come true”. Not just because this land is nice, an adjective that sounds …

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English Freelance Life

Cities every freelance and digital nomad should consider living

Leggi in italiano  There were once Switzerland and Germany; our Italian migrant grandfathers left their homeland to work abroad and help their families back home through migrants’ remittances. They had to do dirty, hard jobs…but someone had to do them anyway. Well, their hard work eventually allowed them to build small (or great) empires, but …

paesi da prendere in considerazione per vivere da freelance e nomade digitale
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Città in cui nomadi digitali e freelance dovrebbero considerare di andare a vivere

Ci sono delle città d’Europa  particolarmente vantaggiose per nomadi digitali e freelance creativi. Vuoi scommettere che non sono quelle cui hai sempre pensato? Un tempo c’erano la Svizzera e la Germania; i nostri nonni italici migranti andavano a lavorare all’estero per aiutare con le rimesse le famiglie in patria, facendo lavori brutti, sporchi ma che …

find your personal balance working as a digital nomad
blogging tips English Freelance Life

How to find your personal balance… as a digital nomad (using social networks)

Leggi in italiano  Social networks can be funny and even useful, if well managed, also for your working life. Digital nomading and freelancing can be indeed detrimental for your private life, if not well managed. As usual I won’t take it seriously but I’ll try to give you some tips on how to find (back) your …