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Reasons to visit eastern Europe (besides the undeniable beauty of the East)

Leggi in italiano  Let me guess, you’re planning to visit new destinations next year, aren’t you? We all have our dream destinations and when you dream, you’d better do it passionately and boldly! I dream of Japan and Thailand, Barbados, Jamaica or North Africa. When it comes to planning though, dreams are scaled down (but …

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Destinations English

Night life in Sofia, Bulgaria: where to find music, live events and drinks?

Leggi in Italiano  My readers are my boss, there’s not much I can do about it. And the last comments on the Sofia posts are quite clear: you’d like me to give you some tips on where to spend the evening or the night. No problem, just give me an assignment and I’ll carry it out. …

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Dove mangiare a Sofia (e che cosa mangiare e COME mangiare)

Dove mangiare a Sofia e cosa mangiare di buono e tipico? Piccola guida ai piatti tipici bulgari da gustare nella città più bella della Bulgaria. Read this post in English  Difficile cercare di avvicinarsi e capire un luogo e la sua storia senza passare anche dalla sua cucina. Per “sua cucina” non intendo certo solo …

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Cities every freelance and digital nomad should consider living

Leggi in italiano  There were once Switzerland and Germany; our Italian migrant grandfathers left their homeland to work abroad and help their families back home through migrants’ remittances. They had to do dirty, hard jobs…but someone had to do them anyway. Well, their hard work eventually allowed them to build small (or great) empires, but …