5 travelling tips and amazing routes in Emilia Romagna.

Leggi in italiano 

It’s not easy to sort out 5 routes in Emilia Romagna because there are lots of them! Let’s start with these and I promise I will show you more soon (and I’ll bring you with me to see them in person). 

How I like staying in Italy during summer.
How I love to talk about it over and over again, and I’d advise everybody to possibly follow routes that are out of the ordinary!
Today, it’s the turn of Emilia Romagna, a region that is always able to surprise me with wine, street art, culture, cinema and nature. All the things we like, isn’t is my friends?
I want to tell you about it today, by suggesting 5 possible routes to take in Emilia Romagna.

The route of the turtles along the Riviera 

come organizzare una vacanza in barca a vela

We have already debunked a couple of myths about the Riviera Romagnola, which is still confined to a place of seaside resorts in the collective memory of many people, by telling you about its nature trails, the movies shot here and its literary background (Dante).

If you’d like to combine your love for the sea with the desire to discover and respect its habitat, you can go on a boat trip with nature experts and get to the park of Monte San Bartolo.

During the route, you can make short stops to dive into the crystal-clear waters overlooked by huge and deep green cliffs.

Rimini, among historic, artistic and cultural routes. 

itinerari emilia romagna_sabrina

I think Rimini is one of the cities in Italy that holds more surprises than one might think, and you actually find out you never know enough about it.

Do you love going to the cinema? Do you love history (I mean also the history of the social and cultural development in our country)? Are you an aesthete?
Well then, never EVER drop the idea of having a thorough tour of the city, which offers some of the most interesting routes in Emilia Romagna.

To find out what to see in Rimini and how to, the Tourist office can suggest a number of very interesting routes following a highly varied path with references to Roman and Medieval times, the Renaissance and the cinema, along with a special section dedicated to the artistic life of Fellini.

Following the routes related to the movies of this great director isn’t just an alternative way to appreciate the most beautiful spots on earth, but also a way to read in the Italian imagination created and modelled by the cinema.

Rocca di San Leo

Rocca di San Leo
Rocca di San Leo

Rocca di San Leo

San Leo is just a few kilometers away from Rimini and it boasts a fortress along with historic views that have been kept almost unspoiled up to now, so much that they inspired events and performances to thoroughly enjoy their theatrical potential.

This proves how interesting even the inland routes of Romagna can be, so much that Umberto Eco actually defined San Leo as the most beautiful small town in Italy; it used to be called Montefeltro and from the outside, just like in the past, it looks unreachable; perched on a 600 mts summit, you can only get to this place by one road that offers an amazing landscape.

I recommend spending one or two days here in San Leo, especially enthusiasts of well preserved castles and places where ancient history is well kept and narrated; follow the routes of the pre-Roman Pieve, the 12th century Dome, the Fort, Palazzo Mediceo and the ruins of the castle of Pietracuta and Piega.

The view of San Leo overlooking the valley of Marecchia and still visible from downhill definitely stands comparison with the attractiveness of the Scottish landscape.

Salina di Cervia Nature Reserve 

ph. Carlota Vidal – unplash

If you’re one of those people for whom the view of a flamingo means witnessing the apparition of the Virgin Mary, you should know that Salina di Cervia might be a great surprise.

All joking and sarcasm aside, this place is part of the natural park of the PO delta, an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Over 800 hectares of natural area where you can see wonderful bird species (and, let me add, even flamingos) with about 50 km of canals.

In my opinion, this route should be followed on foot or by bike (you can also turn to those facilities that rent electric bikes equipped with a tablet including maps and explanations).

Amusement parks: there are way more than you can imagine 

sabrina_mirabilandia_itinerari emilia romagna

I’ve recently had the chance to visit Mirabilandia, where I really had fun and felt like a child due to its almost cinematic reconstructions, worthy of the title of film studios, as well as the attractions and the games of light and water.

Yet, the park of Ravenna isn’t the only place to bring your kids to or to feel like a kid again.
In Misano, for example, there’s an amazing park dedicated to the evolution of the earth and animals (Oltremare). Moreover, about 20 km away from Misano, there’s also Italy in miniature, a park where miniatures of famous Italian and European buildings are on display.

Finally, Fiabilandia is an amusement park located between Rimini and Riccione, surrounded by greenery and entirely inspired by the world of fairy tales.

Isn’t that enough for you? For me neither! This is the reason why I’m going to bring you with me during my visit to this wonderful region in just a few weeks. Note it down and follow me!

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