Your trip in Lecce: your accommodation is part of the experience

Live a full immersion in the old and charming cultural center of Lecce, with a stay at Pollicastro Boutique Hotel

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Are you planning your trip to Puglia and your stay in Lecce?
Well, let me take you into my city then! Welcome in this Italian gem, where tourists and travelers meet locals, strolling or enjoying a glass of locale wine, contemplating the beauty of this place and the deep blue sky of this part of Italy.

Where to stay in Lecce to fully enjoy it


Talking about Pollicastro Boutique Hotel implies not only giving you suggestions on where to stay and sleep but also where to have excellent breakfasts in Lecce and how to live a true local full experience in one of the most beautiful historic towns in Italy.

I was part of the territory storytelling project “Pollicastro takes you to Lecce” organized by Pollicastro boutique hotel, a project to celebrate the city open to travelers that enrich and fill the streets with life and culture.

Main aim of the experience: getting to know the city and its history, its sometimes surreal atmosphere… spread over three levels, all of which are very important and representative of local social life.

The street level, where people meet, exchange glances, opinions, chat;

the level of the “terraces”, where a parallel neighborhood life takes place and where the people of Lecce enjoy the privileged local climate;

and then the underground, the one of the ancient granaries, archaeological excavations and hidden history, still strongly part of life “on the surface”.

Full immersion and full experience of Lecce offered by Pollicastro

Pollicastro Boutique Hotel concept was created from the careful and valuable conservative restoration work of an ancient historic residence in a 16th century building (Palazzo de ‘Perroni), carried out by the Maglietta family.

A local legend says that the palace was built on the ruins of the house of the city patron Sant’Oronzo, whose statue, sculpted in the 16th century by Giuseppe Zimbalo, peeks out from the facade.

All rooms have their own identity, a unique personality that finely combines preserved historical details, design objects and sculptures, many of which are designed by Roberto Maglietta, whose vision is at the basis of the complex restoration.

At Pollicastro, a special breakfast in Lecce

breakfast in Lecce
Breakfast in Lecce at Pollicastro

The breakfasts in Lecce offer many variations, both sweet (where pasticciotto is the king), and savory (where Rustico is the queen).

But the world of breakfasts is as diverse as the one of travelers; aware of this diversity, the breakfasts proposed to Pollicastro Boutique hotel’s guests are ideal for breakfast lovers who like to get to know and appreciate local flavors since the early morning.

Here you can choose among 4 food and flavors itineraries, one of which is 100% local, one that pays homage to Greek cuisine, a breakfast designed for fit travelers (even though I can grant all of them are very healthy) and a breakfast inspired by Apulian delicacies.

Indoor tubs, tubs on the terrace, small in-room pool:
what would you choose?

A gem of this boutique hotel is the Ninfeo room, with a private relax area in the huge bathroom, where an ancient cistern has become a jacuzzi tub with chromotherapy and jets for pleasant massages.

For those who love relaxing in the tub, the experience of a bath on a private and discreet corner of the terrace, under the sky of the city, is what you need and is, personally, the tub experience I loved the most!

Each room pays special attention to the bathroom space, balancing design, local materials, functionality and charm.

Rooftop in Lecce: an amazing space for aperitifs, happy hour, sun baths.

The inhabitants of the historic center of Lecce love to spend part of their days, in the long Salento summer and in the mild seasons in between, on the terraces of their apartments. For the people of Lecce, the furnishings and layout of the terrace are as important as that of the dining room.

Pollicastro Boutique Hotel terrace has a particularly privileged position, overlooking the church of San Matteo on one side and Porta San Biagio on the other.

Here you can enjoy aperitifs and leisure, choosing between shaded areas and beams of light, to sunbathe and enjoy the sun and sky energy, just as locals like to do.

In addition, last but not least, Pollicastro Boutique hotel overlooks the street of the busiest clubs and restaurants in the city, closed to car-traffic and open to people. (Here I told you about the places to drink and eat in Lecce)
Despite this privileged position, from here you can enjoy a deep silence and peace.

This post comes after a collaboration with Pollicastro Boutique Hotel,
as part of the project Pollicastro Takes you To Lecce.

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