The art of waking up happy every day

Here we go… every travel-blogger or any “something-blogger” one day must face the issue:
“writing a lifestyle post or not to write a lifestyle post?”. That is the question.
As far as concerns me, I’ve soon stepped to another, theoretical and philosophical question:
What the heck is a lifestyle post?

In front of this huge anasnwered question, I just decided to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing… writing what on earth I feel like to.
I just woke up happy like almost every morning and I would like to write about it, about the way I do and the way many others could but don’t. And, to be true, there are many mornings when I can’t actually put in practice this art and so this post is also a kind of self-reminder.

Let the sun shine in


I think that there must be something chemical in this. If you wake up with the light getting trought the windows is like if the day was welcoming you. Yes, let the new day welcome you! Also if and when you’d like to stay in bed and sleep kind of forever!

Don’t procrastinate what makes you feel good.
Put the things you like most at the beginning of the day.
I know that you were taught to put duties first and pleasure (read: what you love) after, but I think this is a highly overrated idea.  To do your duty at best you must be satisfied and if you are satisfied after 2 hours running, after blogging, after painting etc. that’s what in my opinion you must do as the first thing in the morning.

Sometimes happyness can be a matter of planning! Don’t wait to be tired after a working day to enjoy the things you love most!

Sleep a lot and follow your body FullSizeRender (13)

The ‘follow your heart’ philosophy has never been my favourite. If we were taught how to understand the needs of our body independently on schedules, duties etc. we would learn the art of happiness earlier and better.

Well, that’s quite hard to me (sleeping a lot, I mean), but I’ve noticed how a good or a bad quality sleep influences my mood, my beauty, my will to get up in the morning with enthusiasm.

Call/write to a friend as soon as you wake up telling her one reason why your are happy

We spend so many energies in complaining. Did you know this attitude is toxic? It has bad effects on you and on the people sourrounding you

noleggio auto consigli

Try to write a short message to your friend/s telling that you are “happy because”. After you tell things, they become more real.

Surround youself with positive people


This doesn’t mean you must leave your friends and beloved alone in the moments of sadness and need!! But I think you should beware people (yes, even friends and partners) that have a negative attitude even in front of normal and even pleasant situations.
On the contrary, there are people that even when they are actually complaining about something, they still keep an active and positive/resolutional attitude, able to give energy.
I’ve learned in years of “practice” how to understand which are those people that have a bad effect on me. Well… I’m particularly sensible and permeable so my self defence must be doubled!

Learn the art of not goving a damn


Truly the hardest thing for me and for many others… but as long as you learn how to stop caring too much about what the others thing, you can’t stop anymore.

I know that sometimes the attitude of feeling guilty for everything (what you weren’t able to do, friends you couldn’t call or visit, things you don’t feel like doing anymore, not to be married, not to have kids yet  etc…) derives from your life and past and it may take years of therapy to get over i. But the first step is to start asking yourself if you are effected by this ‘curse’ and if the answer is yes, starting to work at it.

There’s not just one way to be happy

I’m sure happiness would be such an easier way if only we could really make it the way we like.
What makes me happy is not what makes you happy, but it’s like if we were taught that happyness is the same for all:
– a good and well paid job
– a lot of money
– true love that lasts forever
– a family with kids
– a career
– fame
and can go on forever.

It took me a while to understand why, differently from all other compulsive travellers, I’ve always been longing for my own home to buy. But I finally got that this just was my way to be happy and I did my best to reach this aims and… just enjoy this contrediction.
Read how I was able to buy a home despite being a Italian freelancer. 

Most of the unsatisfaction derives from adapting to what the others do; we never ask ourself what do we really want and if we are happy.
I tell you, authonomy has a high price, and it’s strictly related to the complex art of not giving a damn.


Well, if travelling makes me happy, it doesn’t mean this will make happy someone else. But I have to be true, I’ve never met anyone coming back sad from a travel.
Have I told you how travelling changed my life and how I changed my life to travel? maybe this can be inspiring.

Happyness is like love and beauty: just an attitude!

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24 pensieri riguardo “The art of waking up happy every day

  • Luglio 4, 2016 in 9:32 am

    This is very true, I totally agree with this post! Too many people worry about the negatives instead of waking up and enjoying what they have. Negativity breeds negativity so try and see the positive in life will make you a happier person!

  • Luglio 4, 2016 in 8:08 am


    Nice blog post! I’m happy when I wake up, I always take time to have breakfast but once I walk to take the tube, this everyday routine just gives me stomachaches 🙁 Wish I had the b**** to become a freelancer too!

  • Aprile 15, 2016 in 9:26 am

    Great list of ways to be happy every day, I really need to work on this.

  • Aprile 15, 2016 in 3:52 am

    This is so great and relateable! I’d love to just have the perfect combination of sleep and awareness every day.

  • Aprile 14, 2016 in 9:54 pm

    Love this post. 100% agree – especially on sleep – it’s so important!

  • Aprile 14, 2016 in 8:26 pm

    This is exactly my motto for this year. I have decided to do what is best for me and what makes me happy. I have always being putting others 1st and always prioritizing other people/families to do list I have taken charge this year of my life and my happiness.

  • Aprile 14, 2016 in 5:34 am

    How can anyone be sad coming back from travel. Except that it’s over maybe. I wish I could get more sleep. I work ridiculous hours so that’s hard.

  • Aprile 13, 2016 in 3:23 pm

    It sounds so simple but there are so many people on this earth who do not wake up happy!! Positivity is such a great quality – gotta keep good, positive friends in your life 🙂 Thanks for the post xx

  • Aprile 12, 2016 in 1:49 pm

    Those things will surely make a difference every day. Such an inspiring post. Simple yet powerful! 😉

  • Aprile 12, 2016 in 9:50 am

    “Surround yourself with positive people”. It’s not easy – not every day. It would be great!! I would love to have positive people around me and to do something great together! Great team with people who smile, encourage and not complaining every day about everything. This is my dream.

  • Aprile 12, 2016 in 5:39 am

    I really need to work on this. I feel like every morning is so hectic with the kids and getting them ready to start the day that I forget to breath. But this is so important especially when the kids see you in a good and happy mood. I really need to work on this.

  • Aprile 12, 2016 in 12:33 am

    I’m trying to cover the whole list. I’m learning how not to give a damn cause I do give a damn a lot. I will also try calling a friend or texting a friend with one positive thing everyday.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 11:05 pm

    It is true what the hell is a lifestyle post?! Lifestyle is all encompassing and so is the definition of happiness xx

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 8:30 pm

    Great post and thanks for sharing these tips with us! I totally agree that surrounding one self withh positiveness and positive people is a plus! It definitely helps with gaining balance and a better outlook.

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 8:25 pm

    Your conclusion is the best: Happiness is an attitude!
    I’d say that happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of traveling …And ye,s there are so many different way to be happy, everyone should find its way! 🙂

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 3:53 pm

    What a simple little thing I’ve never really thought about “put the things you love most at the beginning of the day” yes, agreed!

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 12:48 pm

    I can feel the attitude in this article and also in you on your photos. Being happy is easy. You just have to convince your heart, coz the brain is always understanding 😛

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 10:58 am

    Amazing post Sabrina. Our life is full of petty things and wonderful people who give us more happiness than anything else but we fail to appreciate it. And We believe that is when our life gets too much of negative thoughts and your post is a great reminder for a positive start.

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 9:44 am

    Great list of ways to be happy every day, I think I need to start surrounding myself with positive people and learn the art of not giving a damn.

  • Aprile 11, 2016 in 8:24 am

    Such a great blog post! We really have to learn to appreciate small things in life like even waking up.


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