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The best Mediterranean beaches, still untouched by the mass tourism

Leggi in Italiano. 

I love people, I love the beaches full of people who love and respect them (as long as they love them and respect them) and I find it’s normal (I’d say obvious) that other people like what I like too, i.e. Mediterranean beaches in summer.
So you will never hear me say anything against the August tourism.

But the nice thing about when you love traveling out of the beaten paths is the possibility to discover unique and hidden scenarios where you can enjoy loneliness, the noise of nature and, in particular, of the sea.

That is why today I speak of lesser known pearls of the Mediterranean, still wild and suitable for your need to be alone every now and then.

Cala la Luna, Sardinia

Cala Luna – fonte Wikimedia

Along the east coast of Sardinia, between Barbagia and Ogliastra wedged in the splendid Gulf of Orosei we discover Cala Luna. You can reach it by boat from the nearby marinas of Cala Gonone or Santa Maria Navarrese, but the real adventure is to go along the trail – quite challenging, to be truth – that develops through the mountains of the national park. Cala Luna is one of the few beaches to have a freshwater lake surrounded by a thick oleander forest. Along the seven hundred meters of white beach, limestone caves offer shelter in the intense sunny days, in front of you a turquoise sea of crystalline water.

Calanque d’En Vau Cassis, Costa Azzurra

Many people don’t associate the glamour Cote d’Azur with forgotten beaches and hidden places.
Big mistake! Big, big mistake.

But since I love you I also forgive you and I’ll tell you that between Cassis and Marseilles, protected by steep white granite cliffs (the Calanques), we find the beach of Calanque d’En-Vau.
It is only accessible by boat or on foot along a tiring trekking path that takes about an hour. The reward of this challenging path is a perfect sea for snorkeling along the uncontaminated coast of a natural park that runs between rocks and creeks for about 22 kilometers.

The lavish Mediterranean scrub is the crown of a bay of white pebbles where the cliffs spring almost vertically into the sea. A secret place that is worth discovering.

Calanque_d’En_Vau-Cassis – fonte Wikimedia

Armier Bay, Malta

Armier Bay by Franco Vannini

Let’s go to Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean area. The main island, along with nearby Gozo, offers dreamy beaches between millenary archaeological sites and a night life that suits all tastes.

Among the many inlets that enrich the island we discover the charming Armier Bay in Mellieha. Rural area with few hotels and some boat remittances used by residents in the summer months. A quiet place where you can relax without worrying of being attacked by hordes of tourists.


Dhërmi, Albania

On the other side of the Adriatic sea, after crossing suggestive mountain roads, we go down to the sea and reach the spectacular Dhermi beach, thirty kilometers south of Valona, Albania.

The homonymous village from which the creek takes its name is a characteristic agglomeration of stone houses and narrow alleys clinging to the mountainside. Some bars and taverns offer travelers the typical welcome of a place where time stops. The white pebble beach and crystal clear water is just one of the many creeks that open on the hillsides, unspoiled places between the sea and the wilderness. In particular, the northern part of the Dhërmi Creek is obscure and deserted. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

I also recommend exploring the nearby creeks of Drimadhes and Palase, one of the wildest places you might see in Europe.

Dhërmi, Albania

Elafonissi, Creta.

If you want to discover a secret Crete, then head south!

The beach of Elafonissi is rightly considered one of the most beautiful ones in the Mediterranean area.
What you will find is a calm sea and a sand whose shades, in some stretches of coastline, tend to become pink.

Elafonissi, Creta

This is more a tropical than Mediterranea landscape where the turtles Caretta Caretta lays their eggs. The beach is connected to the nearby Elafonissi Island by a narrow sandy tongue that is easily accessible on foot.

The small island facing the beach is a natural park that you can visit within a few hours of walking and then return to enjoy the sand and sea of its lovely beach. Most of it is free, while an area is equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers and a modest bar to drink and eat.

Es Trenc, Mallorca

If you don’t mind human nudity, if you just concentrate on the beauty of the sea and of the smell of Mediterranean brush, try Es Trenc. Around this beach there are no big hotels and so it has preserved its natural appearance, made even wilder by the presence of dunes and a lagoon area behind it.

It’s perfect for those who, like me, love walking on the shore. Also because you can’t get there by car and you must walk a bit before touching this golden shore.


The perfect place to leave the word behind, for a while.
But, I recommend you, never leave the civil attitude behind. Every paradise deserves to be so, also for the future.

Be human, be travelers, save the world.

28 commenti su “The best Mediterranean beaches, still untouched by the mass tourism

  1. These pictures are amazing, fantastic photography. This is making me anxious to take another trip soon! Maybe the Mediterranean is my next stop?!

  2. Belissimi . I love beaches , you are very lucky to live around a beautiful beaches such as on your list . I’ve been to Sardinia Also Malta but never been to the beaches side . Wish I can get there again one day

  3. My best friend visited Elafonisi this summer and it was majestic! The Mediterranean beaches are just way too many and way too beautiful! For sure there are a few crowded ones, but the less crowded are millions (I’m from Greece, and only in my area are about 500? could be more). The waters are amazing! Just like paradise! I definitely recommend to everyone, to visit those beaches! or anything less-non-crowded

  4. Never been to Elafonissi even though I’ve been to Crete so many times. I’m definitely going to visit there next time I go back. Imagine pink hued sand it seems to good to be true and so beautiful there from your photo.

  5. These are the kinds of places I absolutely love! I’m not a fan of hectic tourism, it really puts me off a place, I prefer the serenity that comes with the places the locals go.

  6. Wow, what amazing looking beaches. I have to say that Creta looks like one I’d enjoy most, but it is pretty hard to pick just one. It would be neat to visit them all with my family. We love the beach.

  7. This post is a gem, girl! I loved Cala la Luna at first but then as I scrolled down I realized I love all of them. If I had to pick one, my favorite would be Elafonissi, Creta. Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

  8. Man it’s so hard to pick a favourite beach as the clarity of the water plus the white sand beaches is enough to make me swoon. I love the sound of Sardinia it looks heavenly x

  9. I love all those secluded beaches. I miss the beach. I miss listening to the waves crash into the sand. I love hearing the seagulls. I love walking out on a pier and seeing a pod of dolphins. It really misses the sunsets on the beach.

  10. I have been to Cala la Luna and Calanque d’en vau. I remember being 6 month pregnant making the hike to the beach and everybody was so impressed.Hey I live in montaneous Switzerland!😂 Elafonissi looks heavenly!

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