Why the boat tour I had is different than all the others (and how you can experience it too)

How many boat tours fans are there?

How many of you, my readers, like the sea wind touching your tanned skin, your hair twisting in the air, the sea drops and the smell of the sea all over your happy face?

If you do, let me tell you that not all boat tours are the same. Some of them can even give you more and make you feel better as a traveler and as a person.

The one I recently joined with TouranGo was a boat tour around the coasts of Salento, to discover and learn more about the caves of this magic land of the South.

TouranGo is turning my Puglia into a Human Destination making you meet local experts, in love with their homeland, through tailor made experiences.
So, when you make a boat tour like the one I joined, they’ll tell you about the name of all the caves as well as the strange circumstances they are named after.

They’ll indicate you where to go and have a swim to find magic and special environments that you will never forget.

For instance, I’d never had a swim in the Grotta del Soffio (translatable as The Blowing Cave). This name comes after the currents running into this small cave, that creates in intermittent water blows on the water surface, making it difficult to enter.
But once you are in, you’ll find yourself in a natural pool with water that radiates light from below, due to a beam of light coming from the second small entrance.

But the beauty of the sea and the discovery of the caves haven’t been the only very special aspects of this tour.

Let’s go through some of them.

The charm of the past

The boat was not a common one. It was an old shipping boat, totally restored and made crazily elegant.
Everything is cured in all the details and you feel you’re sailing in a timeless space.

No paper and plastic

As some of my readers already know, I’m not a fan of plastic and paper dishes. Life’s too hard to drink good wine in the wrong glass, isn’t it? And the environment agrees too with my idea of good living.
So we had our very good chilled local wine and free drinks in reusable and elegant glasses.

Only local and homemade food

My readers also know how much I love healthy and local fresh food. Therefore you can imagine how happy I was once I was offered home made local specialities. Pasta salad, season vegetables cooked in local ways, fish (for those who weren’t veg like me), fruits. And for sure, we started talking about food and recipes in the most genuine Italian way (when we eat, we like talking about food).

Respect for local work and professionalism 

This tour, if you join it, is not made and organized by a big tourist company but it is designed and tailor made in all the details by locals cooperating with locals.
TouranGo works only with people bound to the territory, true local experts who have a story to tell and a love and passion to share.

Making this small and authentic business grow is part of TouranGo’s mission and each traveler joining one of their experiences helps them fulfill this goal.

What should your ideal boat tour be like? 


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Why the boat tour I had is different than all the others (and how you can experience it too)

  1. Ah, this tour is perfection. I love boat tours, of course not diving into the sea as I don’t know how to swim (I’m learning though). Loved the interiors of the boat and the fact that this tour respects the environment by keeping plastic and food plates/glasses at bay.

  2. I love that you don’t use paper and plastic. I am trying to do more to be more sustainable so I am happy that the boat tour was ethical too. Plus homemade food as well? What’s not to love? x

  3. I’ve never been on a boat tour as I live where the sea is a very cold temperature, but this experience looks to-die-for! I’d love to just take a dive off the boat and enjoy the water and sea breeze

  4. Ohh I love being on the water! Must unfortunally a tour with a boat is often very expensiv and as you mention sometimes you can get a tour with less memorable experiences! So often I dont dare to take chances! This tour however seems like a great one and you look to having so much fun!

  5. I love boat tours when we are away, there is nothing nicer than boarding a boat and setting sail into the sea with the sun on your face and the spray from the sea. I am afraid of the sea so will never swim but always a trip we will take if we are able to x

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