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dove mangiare e bere a riga lettonia
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Where to eat in Riga out of the old town: 5 cool places

You can eat in Riga in amazing places out of the old town: here we go with special places in very peculiar neighborhoods, where you can taste food and drinks mostly farm to table. Leggi in Italiano Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a city that is worth a visit. Its historical center boasts examples …

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Why the boat tour I had is different than all the others (and how you can experience it too)

How many boat tours fans are there? How many of you, my readers, like the sea wind touching your tanned skin, your hair twisting in the air, the sea drops and the smell of the sea all over your happy face? If you do, let me tell you that not all boat tours are the …

sabrina (ragazza mora, lunghi capelli ricci, in mise bianca poggiata su un muretto a secco, come sfondo li mare
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2 ways Puglia will make you feel the happiest woman in the world

Yes, I’m not exaggerating (I never do! 🙂 ). I’m really going to tell you about how to get moments of pure happiness and freedom in Puglia, south Italy. It’s not the first time I talk about this region, that is actually my own one (and that makes me quite an expert, don’t you think …

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Cibo toscano e Veg della Via Francigena che devi provare

La Toscana è per me una delle tante declinazioni del concetto sfaccettato di “casa”. Quindi poterla di tanto in tanto ri-raccontare da una nuova angolazione è po’ come riviverla. Oggi parliamo del tratto toscano di Via Fancigena e delle sue specialità da conoscere adatte anche al popolo di girovaghi e girovaghe vegetariane, del quale come sai …