7 places to enjoy the sea in winter

There is an interesting set of reasons why a person can be interested and fond of this strange and complex idea of the Sea in Winter.
Among them I can name

  • a strong, personal need to be in front of a limit, in front of the place where you can’t go further but by swimming or flying.
  • a way to see that, that inner, personal eternal soul and spirit movement you have in you is not un-normal as the most of people would like you to think;
  • even when summer is over, beauty is there,
  • there’s no r[S]eason to stop searching for infinity.

Choose the one that belongs to you (even more / all of them) and follow me in this personal list of places where sea in winter time is amazing, even better than in Summer or just different in mood and attitude but always worth living.



Bordered by the Celtic Sea, this British region is made up by magic, wildness and a mild climate.

Its many castles and manor surrounded by flower gardens, the sea wind and its local less insular attitude make it special and winter time is here somthing surreal.

The fascinating cliffs overlooking the sea are suitable for more than one stop for those fascinated by the glamour of self destruction, always eager to see how far can you get before thinking that

‘no, there’s too much beauty to spoil it all and jump down the cliff. Beauty wins over death also this time’.


photo-1445098423048-e8f110b01a00Better in winter than in summer, the Irish coast and, more than this, the Aran islands (located just off Galway in the Atlantic) are less ‘mild’ that Cornwall as climate but they really catch your soul with its epic wildness. Even people are wintery: cozy and firy welcoming, but not so ‘mild in soul’. Irish are people you must meet, listen, observe, learn from at least once in a lifetime.

My suggestion is to stay in Galway, close to the sea, take the ferry and get to Inishmore and rent a bike for the whole day. No matter who you go with, speak as less as possible. Breath the sea, the fatigue, the wind.
Ireland, in its wilder places, is a place that looks like life: difficult and beautiful despite of and because of everything.

If you can, stop and overnight in Inishmore.


villa tre porte

Is the region where I live, and where I belong inspite of me. In winter sunny mornings, you can even pretend it’s spring, because of the warmth. So go to the coast (from the northern are to Salento, they all look amazing) and enjoy a walk, a seafood lunch, white local wine.
Then… wait for the sunset (in this period it’s around 17.00) and you’ll see how freezing 12 C degree can be.
You’ll learn that summer is a state of mind
You’ll learn that winter and life are cold and mild, depending on how you are equipped to face both of them.

If you can, rent a house next to the sea (and here I suggest you some place, they are really amazing. Click on the pics above to have more details about this fine design beach homes)



If you come from the northern emisphere, you’ll see how strange is to pass from winter to summer in 24 hours. It’s not just a matter of weather, you’ll see that a season and the moods it gives you is also a matter of air perfumes (vegetation influences all senses). Only with such a small time-span you’ll understand it.

Melbourne and the state of Victoria in general have the so called ‘4 seasons in one day’, with incredibly different temperatures alternating in ten hours, also depending on how far you are from the sea and from the ocean winds.

If you can… experience the ocean!


I’ve always been to Barcellona in winter. It always felt like summer or spring to me.
Already told something about how Barcellona changed your life, in this city who’s eternal movements and reminds the sea even where you can’t see it.

Amazing thing made by locals and non locals: eating on the Port Vell after a mid day walk.


Such a crepuscular and happy at once! I really loved being there in fall. Windy and full of parfumes and inspirations of this city. Drink porto on the bench, here some more tips about the best places to do it.


Wherever you go, try to rent a place close to the sea and related to the sea-philosophy. For instance… a lighthouse (this name is amazing, light-house, is it not?)


Some places where you can have a nice light+house experience are

16 commenti su “7 places to enjoy the sea in winter

  1. Great post! Quite high on my bucketlist is….to sleep in a lighthouse! Thanks for sharing this idea. I went to Ireland in winter and experienced the ocean there. It was beautiful. Loved to stroll around to take pictures and we didn’t talk much. Just experienced the beauty. Also saw the ocean in autumn in Nova Scotia and in New Foundland and must say, it does have something magical.

  2. I love this line, ‘there’s no reason to stop searching for infinity.’ A great philosophy for life by the sea. I’d love to spend a few months on the coast in Cornwall, and just write, walk and breathe.

  3. UK goal of the year: visit Cornwall. It needs to happen this year!

    People usually visit Porto not for the sea but other things. The truth is that it’s a great place to see the ocean at the nearby beaches.

  4. Love this. Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by the sea during winter. There’s just something about the solace that can be found looking at the shores emptied of sunbathers. Love your suggested locations and will totally be moving them to the top of my “Must Travel To Next” list. 🙂

  5. I agree with you! When Summer is over, beauty is still there! My favourite seaside town is Brighton in the UK. I used to enjoy walking along there when it was really cold and the waves were crashing next to me. I’ve still never been to Ireland. Hope to make it there soon 🙂

  6. Nice pictures! I lived in Barcelona from February until summer and it’s a great place to be no matter the season. I love a sunny getaway though, so Melbourne sounds like a great place to escape winter on this side of the globe as well…

  7. The coast of Ireland in the winter looks incredibly dramatic and rugged! I’m not much of a beach person, but I actually do enjoy the beach more in cooler weather and even at night. So true about Barcelona, too. Visiting in fall or winter always feels quite mild even with the sea right there. 🙂

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