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What to do in Brindisi and what to see: itineraries and places of interest in this city of Puglia

Leggi in italiano What to do in Brindisi and what to see: itineraries and places of interest in this city full of local peculiarities, uniqueness and with a dynamic spirit. Suitable for a one-day trip, but also for digital nomads looking for a place to live like home for longer periods (read the last paragraphs …

breakfast in Lecce
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Your trip in Lecce: your accommodation is part of the experience

Live a full immersion in the old and charming cultural center of Lecce, with a stay at Pollicastro Boutique Hotel Leggi in italiano Are you planning your trip to Puglia and your stay in Lecce? Well, let me take you into my city then! Welcome in this Italian gem, where tourists and travelers meet locals, …

dove mangiare a comacchio
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Things to do in Comacchio, far more than “a small Venice”

Things to do in Comacchio, the village close to Ferrara, a little gem in Italy, worthy much more than the definition of a small Venice Many people who have visited the village of Comacchio, about half an hour drive from Ferrara in the region of Emilia Romagna, will tell you, to explain how beautiful this …

temple valley sicily car trip - antonio-sessa-unsplash
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How to organize your car trip through Sicily and Sardinia, the main Italian islands

If you plan a car trip Sicily and Sardinia are great destinations to consider, mainly if you really wish to know Italy better. Italian main islands are full of landscapes to admire, great food to taste and they can be a setting you’ll remember forever. So, you want to organize a car trip in the …

find true love in travel timo-stern-234939-unsplash

How to manage long distance relationships during the pandemic

So, you met something new and interesting during the pandemic, and you live in different countries or region? Here are some basic tips to manage a long distance relationship in a weird period like this Many single traveller friends and readers of mines have told me in the last months about their flirt born during …