Best time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania

When is the best time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania? That’s a quite good question, considering how local weather can be, in some months, a little scary. Let’s clear all doubts.

Several airlines, including low cost ones, have recently increased the routes to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, thus tantalizing the curiosity of many travelers who are starting to consider the discovery of this Baltic capital.

best time to visit Vilnius

Weather in Vilnius: average temperatures

Let’s start by saying that, like the entire Baltic area, the climate is always temperate but in a very different way than our Mediterranean area, but this shouldn’t scare us. The dry currents mostly from Siberia make the Lithuanian weather and the Vilnius weather cold but bearable despite that “minus” sign of the temperatures for five months a year.

If you visit Vilnius in winter (-7, +4 Celsius)

quando andare a vilnius_vilnius inverno neve
Vilnius in inverno

We can say that between December and the first week of March the weather is quite challenging, because the temperature (both minimum and maximum) hardly rises above zero Celsius.

However, Vilnius during Christmas time is full of lights and it feels much more like Christmas than my meridian microclimates (I’m Italian, if you still don’t know). Furthermore, if we leave in the low season (i.e. January – end of March) we can find very low costs on flights and accommodation by taking advantage of activities perfect for the winter such as:

  • visiting Vilnius wonderful museums, including the museum of optical illusions,
  • skiing in the nearby peaks of Liepkalnis,
  • Enjoying a SPA,
  • visiting the snowy parks,
  • eating in really special places like this I hightlithed in my post about best places to eat in Vilnius.

If you visit Vilnius in Spring (-2 + 18 Celsius)

Uzupi, quartier Vilnius
Uzupi, Vilsnius

Spring is certainly a good time for a nice trip, isn’t it?

Also in Vilnius, days lights last longer and the temperatures are certainly higher than during the long local winter, but those two or three degrees above zero can be misleading. Let’s say that even going to the Lithuanian capital between March and the second week of May we may not have the chance to fashion our best spring outfits.

However, the costs are still low (mind you that Lithuania is still very cheap anyway) and the lights of the day can help you enjoy beautiful urban views, to be experienced and photographed.

Instead, Vilnius in June is a fantastic idea, the best time. 20 degrees, the radiant lights, its events and the outdoor life of the inhabitants really make it a beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

If you visit Vilnius in Summer (+11, + 23)

Perfect destination for those who want to escape the central and south Europe summer heat, Lithuania lends itself to all kinds of outdoor activities as well as very pleasant weekends in the capital Vilnius. Vilnius county is so rich and special that staying alone in the city on long, mild summer days would be a shame.

If you visit Vilnius in Fall (+8, +12)

autunno a vilnius

September and October are in my opinion the best months for city trips and Vilnius is no exception. The foliage is already on, allowing you to enjoy scenarios to the fullest of their sweetness. Planning a trip to Vilnius? If you have any questions, come forward!

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