7 reasons to choose New York in October

Somebody says ‘wake me up when September ends’. Here we go! Wake up, it’s hight time to choose a place and leave again, after the ‘end-of-Summer -melancholy’ .

Here are 7 reasons to choose the big apple:

1 – it’s cheaper than in any other moment of the year. I’m talking about the very first week of October. After that, all the Halloween and Xmas celebrations will make it all harder. So, take advantage!

2 – it’s beautiful. More than in Spring and Summer. Well, that’s for sure my very personal opinion, but all people particularly fond of Autumn colors would agree.

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3 – it’s warm. It will not last long! Ice may come quite soon with a snow storm. In NYC Winter comes in one night.

4 – Victoria’s Secrets Sales . Nothing to add!

5 – the ‘Smoke’ in Harlem has just reopened the concerts season.

6 – pumpkin sweets and Halloween decorations on the Doorsteps. You’ll see amazing examples of pagan art, before the pagan-religious period of Xmas lights decorations.

7 – As Audrey said, it’s always the right moment to go to New York.


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