Digital Nomad Families: Top Ways to Provide For Your Traveling Family

How is the digital nomad families lifestyle like? Is it something truly possible? Let’s analyze it and give some answer and tips.

The digital nomad lifestyle is one that has always been appealing to many people. The idea of sand being your desk chair and your lap is your desk is a work environment that most people can only dream of. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is only for people that don’t have children… so people think.

Typically, the prototype for digital nomads are young people in their 20s and 30s, they’re single, and they have no kids. Well, that may be the image people see initially but the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t just for a certain group of people. In fact, more and more families with children are embracing the lifestyle.

Because the digital nomad lifestyle involves constant travel, many people think it isn’t the best way to raise children. Things like education, finding somewhere to live, and the social aspect are all concerns that make people apprehensive about the lifestyle for a growing family, and that’s perfectly understandable.


But one of the biggest concerns that most people have is how digital nomad families generate income to provide for their families. Some digital nomad families might say they’ll provide “by any means necessary!” But the honest truth is that income should be the least of anyone’s concerns if they’re considering the digital nomad lifestyle with children. 

What people forget is that a digital nomad’s connection to the internet is how they make their money by working internet-based jobs. So whether you’re in Los Angeles or Singapore, as long as you have a strong connection to the internet, you have several ways to generate income for your family.

So, now that you’ve been assured that the lifestyle is sustainable, from a financial point of view, the first thing you have to do is get your kids on board before you can even get into the ways to earn.


Because when the kids aren’t on board with the idea, the entire digital nomad family experience is going to be long and hard.

Sell Your Kids on the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

digital nomad families lifestyle

Selling your kids on the digital nomad lifestyle shouldn’t be too hard when they’re pretty young, but when your kids are older, it’s going to be more difficult. You have to understand that they’ve made friends and spent their entire childhood in the city you live in, so uprooting them from that can lead to a world of sadness and resentment towards you.

You have to approach the topic delicately. Ultimately, you want to point out all the amazing benefits they’ll get from their travels. For younger kids, word it in a way that they’ll get to go on adventures around the world. For older kids, you might be able to say that they’ll be going to all kinds of “Instagrammable” locations around the world… or simply say that they don’t have to go in classrooms anymore and that they can take virtual classes for their grade.

Either of those amazing aspects of the lifestyle is sure to sell them on the idea. Just be sure to really talk to them about how they feel and take their opinions into consideration. When they feel you’re open to listening to them, they’ll be more open to the idea of the lifestyle.

Now that you have the basic idea of how to sell your kids on the lifestyle, you can now look at some of the different ways to provide for your traveling family, the digital nomad way.

Ways Digital Nomad Families Can Generate Income

Perform Remote Work For a Company

Performing remote work is a great way to generate steady and consistent income simply because it’s just like working a full-time or part-time job, just without the office environment. In fact, more and more companies are offering remote and work-from-home opportunities simply because it brings about more productivity and engagement in employees.
Read how to find new clients as a digital nomad.

That means that you’ll need to keep your same work ethic as you had before, and you might need it even more, being that you’re going to be in beautiful countries… it can be a bit distracting. According to the Breeze blog, discipline, time management, and finding a healthy work-life balance is key to having a successful digital nomad career.

Start an Online Business

The beauty of starting an online business is the fact that you have the freedom and flexibility to travel the world! This particular way to generate income is actually one of the best ways simply because of how easy it is.

For one, once you build your website and get your store set up, you can start earning while you sleep (it’s a great form of passive income). Secondly, it’s something you can the whole family involved in. The kids can give you input on the different products to sell, colors, and themes…

But also keep in mind that this isn’t something you have to feel pressured to do on your own if you’re uncomfortable with web design or any aspect of it. You can actually get help in setting up, building, and any other aspect of your website by using Shopify, with help from experts in their marketplace. 

This is not only going to save yourself stress in areas you’re unfamiliar with but it’s also going to give you more time to enjoy the destination you’re in with your family.

Rent Your Home

tips website for small business

Renting your home out is another great way to generate steady and consistent income. Every month you’ll know that you’ll be receiving a rent payment from your tenants and the rent money you receive every month can be put towards future destinations, food, accommodations, and entertainment. 

The key to success in renting your home out is to make sure you have trustworthy and reliable tenants that can afford your rent price. Before you head out on your digital nomad adventures, make sure you conduct a thorough background and credit check, as well as ask for proof of income.

Become a Travel Consultant

Becoming a travel consultant only seems right, especially since you’re going to be traveling and researching different locations for your own family… you might as well share your knowledge and profit from it too. Sharing your advice on various destinations, food, and entertainment will take your career as a travel consultant very far.

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