How to manage long distance relationships during the pandemic

So, you met something new and interesting during the pandemic, and you live in different countries or region? Here are some basic tips to manage a long distance relationship in a weird period like this

Many single traveller friends and readers of mines have told me in the last months about their flirt born during the pandemic, especially during the lockdown.
It’s all but weird and impossible indeed: they told me how alive and happy they felt by “meeting” new people, using for instance free dating sites. At first it was just a way to let the time pass during those long and boring winter days, but for many of them, some new acquaintance become an interesting flirt and sometimes a new love.

Then summer came, Lockdown in Italy was over, and they were longing to meeting the girls and boys they’d be talking and chatting with during the previous months and, you know, Italians take romance very seriously!

Unfortunately, not all countries were over with lockdowns and many readers of mines asked me for advices about:
– traveling in countries were infection alert is still quite high;
– how to manage a long distance relationship during a pandemic.

For many of them, chatting and zooming with people they’ve met on platforms such as Match Me Happy wasn’t enough anymore.
So many of them met and… fell in love.

What’s falling in love like during a pandemic?
Well, for sure you have the issue of mobility and the uncertainty about how the global situation will evolve.

Locations issues: where to meet?

female couple - fall in love during the pandemic - long distance relationship

In order to continue dating and meeting in person, over than living a relationship with an internet connection, it’s important to always be updated about the travellers’ situation in each country; this means we must become acquainted with the official pages of health miniseries of all countries.
Thus, checking the places where the situation is less serious or recovering, you can more easily plan your next place to meet.

Consider longer travels

how to manage a long distance relationship during a pandemic

Traveling is changing, so the sooner we face these changes the better it will be.

The necessity to make some isolation day after entering a country implies we have to stay in a new place for longer periods.

If your fresh new partner lives in a region or nation where there the situation is less complicated on a sanitary point of view, consider the idea of moving there for a months or two.

What to do when you have to part?

rent a car and driver_road trip_bali

When you don’t stay together, living in different regions or countries, consider the idea of not having a video call every day.
You won’t have everyday something to say, and this habit can become boring and stressful very soon.
Alternate days with video calls to days when you just message.

Buy a new ticket to meet again

Having a new possibile date to meet again is a way to feed a long distance relationships. No matter if, in this pandemic situation, you risk to loose your ticket and money. Loving is some way like traveling, expecially during a pandemic. Something for the bravest!

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