Safe regions in Italy to visit in Summer 2020

A list of 6 safe regions in Italy where the Covid-19 infection has been low and where you can travel next summer.

In Italy, the number of Covid-19 infections has been in sharp decline for over 20 days and the country is gradually and safely re-opening activities, and looking to rebuild a normal life.

Also the tourism business is eventually offering again the opportunity to live the best Italian experience to foreigner travelers.

In this post I’ll give you a list of 6 Italian regions where the pandemic contagion level has been quite low for the whole pandemic period and that are now considered “green zones”, where most common activities can be done and enjoyed.

Before leading you in these 6 amazing safe regions in Italy, let me remind you, my beloved traveller readers, that even if we are longing to go back to a “normal” life, we must still stay safe; this pandemic has taught us that life, environment, health are a major issues for all of us and that the health of one person and one territory can influence the destiny of the entire world. So, also while traveling the safest regions, remember to:

  • wash your hand often,
  • always have alcohol-based disinfectant with you,
  • wear protective masks if you are in crowded or semi crowded areas,
  • avoid crowded spaces as much as possibile.


sabrina barbante - how to live and what to do in maratea, basilicata
Maratea, Basilicata

Basilicata is an almost undiscovered southern region of Italy. This territory, quite close to the airport of Bari on the east side and Salerno-Costa d’Amalfi on the west side, offers a wide range of experience opportunities: National Parks, rivers and lakes where you can enjoy nature contemplation, active and adrenaline experiences such as the flight of the angel, the longest European Tibetan bridge, rafting and kayak.

This region has plenty of small typical villages (I personally suggest you the Val d’Agri area).

But since the long Italian summer is getting closer, let me remind you that Basilicata has 2 small and amazing coast areas. If you a are a sea lover, Maratea is the right place to go!


3 ways Puglia will make you feel the happiest woman in the world

Welcome to my region! Puglia is the place where I live (specifically I live in southern Puglia), but I grant this region is one of the most popular and beloved by Italians when it comes to summer destinations.

We are in the heel of the boot (Italy has a boot shape, remember?), and here you can enjoy 870 km coastline.

The main city, Bari, is in my personal opinion one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (I’ll tell you something more about what to do and what to see in Bari, I promise).

You can’t miss a visit to Lecce and Brindisi and enjoy the oldest area of Taranto.

Here I recommend you amazing car itineraries from Puglia to Basilicata, two of the safe regions in Italy listed in this post and in the ministry destination recommendations.


Calabria is a surprising region indeed! People from abroad hardly expect how amazing the itineraries in this southern region can be. When I say southern I mean a very “deep southern spirit” that you can breathe and feel here.

In this blog you’ll find amazing itineraries to follow in Calabria.


rganizzare viaggio in sardegna_massimo-virgilio-1422295-unsplash
ph. massimo virgilio, unsplash

As an island, Sardegna was particularly careful during the pandemic period (Sardegna, in English called Sardinia, is one of the two main islands of Italy, with Sicilia). Now it seems like we can enjoy this dreamy island again as summer destination.

There is a wild side of Sardinia, where you can live almost desert beaches, and a posh side of this region, where you can be part of the richest Italian and international luxury.


Palermo_Sicilia safe regions in Italy
Palermo. ph. Alessio Rinella, Unsplash

One of the most interesting regions in the world, you could rent a car and visit the whole region and discover in every single place something new.
Rich in history, nature and culture, surrounded by an amazing sea, close to Africa thus inheriting its mild weather, Sicily is not only one of the most beloved Italian destinations, but also one of the safest in the Covid period.


Assisi, Umbria

One of the few Italian regions that are untouched by the sea, Umbria offers so much! Lakes, falls, great food, villages that are listed among the most beautiful ones in the world. Moreover, Umbria region is called the green hearth of Italy and, actually, there’s no corner of this small region and no landscape available where local mediterranean brush is absent.

If you are planning a summer trip to Italy, consider these safe Italian regions and always remember that, in order to stay safe, human behavior is what make the true difference, it’s not just a matter of geography.


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