Things to do in Comacchio, far more than “a small Venice”

Things to do in Comacchio, the village close to Ferrara, a little gem in Italy, worthy much more than the definition of a small Venice

Many people who have visited the village of Comacchio, about half an hour drive from Ferrara in the region of Emilia Romagna, will tell you, to explain how beautiful this village built on a network of canals is, that it looks like a small Venice.

As usual, I don’t agree with this exemplification, guilty of reducing local peculiarities as a small copy of something else, far more famous.

I understand many non Italian travellers get excited as they hear “Venice”, but what it feels like walking along the canals of Comacchio is far different than what you perceive and experience in the everyday crowd of Venice. The local architecture is also very different indeed.

But I’m pretty sure you’ll love Comacchio as I did, and it will be a reciprocal love at first sight. Yes, reciprocal because you’ll feel loved by this small peculiar city (as I did).

Well, I was actually cuddled by Visit Comacchio, and I heartily suggest you to turn to their staff to best experience every local aspect.

dove mangiare a comacchio

Things to do in Comacchio

Let me tell you about the main hotspot not to miss in Comacchio, and the best things to do (among the dozens activities available).

This architecture made up by 3 bridges (trepponti is the amendment of tre ponti, i.e. three bridges), dating back 1630, is what welcomes you as you arrive in the old pedestrian area of Comacchio (you can only walk on foot or bike here, no car are allowed).

trepponti comacchio

Museo del Delta Antico
As from Trepponti (or Ponte Pallotta) you get closer to the main canal Migliarino-Porta Garibaldi, you’ll see a neoclassic styled building, once an hospital, that is today a rich and interesting archeological museum, worth visiting also (and especially) with kids.

Just in front of it, you’ll see il Ponte degli Sbirri, connecting the Loggia del Grano, the Central Square, the Pescheria, all of them are hotspots very easily reachable walking from here.

If you get away from the canals, you’ll bump into the Dome and the long Porch leading to Santa Maria in Aula Regia Sanctuary both worth a visit.
From here, you’ll reach the entrance of Manifattura dei Marinati, which is both a museum about the ancient processing of marinated eel and a factory only working some month a year.

Something very peculiar you can only live and experience here in Comacchio is the Museum-House Remo Brindisi.
This is a modern art manifesto, focused on the integration of architecture, sculpture, painting, design, of the integration between art and life and of a free and democratic approach to art itself.

What to do in Comacchio: exciting and romantic experiences in Comacchio

There a huge amount of very interesting activities that you can do in Comacchio , suitable for active people, romantic and contemplative spirits, for solo travellers who want to enjoy the best of local activities, for families with kids, for any kind of couples.

Let me tell you about the activities I preferred the most.

  • Bike & Boat at the Sunset: from Sea to the Lagoons
  • The Comacchio’s lagoons by canoe
    (both, dramatically cheap)
  • Private birding tour in the Po Delta Park, where you’ll enjoy the amazing natural show of pink flamingos.
  • Eat or have a drink in one of the several boat-restaurants along the main canals. I recommend you SBIRRO GASTROTEQUE, and let them suggest you some of the local natural wines in their menu (I crazily loved the organic wine Mezzelune).

Apart from this, I heartily suggest you walking slowly around the village, stooping on every small bridge and observe the colors of the houses reflected on the water.

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