Tuscany is one of the places where I’ve lived for longer, after my Puglia. For some ways I feel it’s one of my motherlands, and that’s why I don’t write much about it when it comes to talk about ‘travels’.

But everytime I go there, no matter if where I’ve lived for some 7 months (Colle Val D’Elsa, Siena) or in another area, I feel something very close to nostalgia. My most beloved feeling, the one I’m more acquainted with.

I know this region of Italy is one of the most visited, because of its art, wine, food, Chianti Hills etc.

But I wish some of you, travellers, can live and feel it in a way as much indipendent as possibile, to perceive the true beauty of living here.
Because, you know, you can only understand the amazing greatness of a place when you feel, eat, smell, taste (or imagine and figure out to) the real life of young pleople growing up and studying in a place where absolute beauty is the very first idea of the world you are given.

That’s why now I’ll tell you about 3 places that I have personally experienced, where you can have just a very simple drink in Tuscany where you’ll meet locals and local young indie life.

This places are not as costy as the bars in the center of Florence, and maybe weiters won’t speak your language. But they are places where you can truly have a look at how young people live and love in this world triangle of absolute beauty.

Filter, Pisa

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I was there a few days ago. I have 3 cousins studying there and the youngest led me here to have a cup of tea, an espresso or American coffee, a cake. Well, I have to say the cakes looks great but they are not the cheapest I’ve bumped into in all my life. But if I was angry I would try them, even more so, because I think after them I wouldn’t eat anything untill the day after.

I loved the interiors! Shabby chic furniture, blackboards, amazing vintage objects.

I had a fresh water melon jiuce. Great in summer time.

Full of young people, students and locals.

Via Santa Maria, 47

Sottobosco caffé, Pisa 


Here, some years ago, I made a reading of my second Novel, Faintly Falling.
There was a girl playing the piano, a lot of nice people and a lot of very good book that you can take and read freely and buy only if you feel like to.

If you can play the piano you can do it, no need to ask.

Piazza San Paolo all’Orto 3

Sonar in Colle Val D’Elsa

sonar colle val delsa

So you like good music? Well, you must come here and enjoy the SONAR program.
You can enjoy a live music session almost every night and meet locals, have fun, buy a beer, cocktail or a cd.
Colle Val d’Elsa in a small village in the area od Siena and I do suggest you a walk to the highest part in the mid afternoon and waiting for the sunset in the local park where you can enjoy one of the best sunset ever.

After sunet, go to Sonar by car and get a life!

Località Molinuzzo, 3, 53034 Colle di Val d’Elsa SI, Italia (GPS 43.40108 – 11.131618)

Jazz Club, Florence

jazz florence

Do you like jazz music? If yes, you should keep an eye on the Jazz Club of Florence program!
Live music, live bar, the week schedule is busy with all kinds of more sophisticated styles.

House band blues on Tuesday , jazz jam session on Wednesday, rock jam sessions on Thursday , Fridays and Saturdays local bands offering jazz contamination, Sunday Yes we jam, mold hip hop beats and nu jazz with punk and funk derivations. You just pay for the annual card (5 euros).

Via Nuova Dè Caccini 3 (FI) — san marco

Do you know any other place to have an amazing live-like-a-local indie experience?

Life's Sweet Words

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  1. Lovely…never got a chance to visit Italy as yet.. It has always been on my bucketlist.. but for me Italy impression was far more about the food…The far too famous pizza..and whenever I thought of a trip to Italy my only wish had been to visit Rome…but this post makes me feel theres a lot more to see and do…

  2. The second spot sounds right up my alley! I can’t play piano, but I would love to grab a book and read while listening to someone else. Thanks for sharing these places with us. Sometimes exploring your home(s) can be just as rewarding as traveling!

  3. These sound exactly like the kind of places I’d want to frequent if I lived there, or just stop in for a visit to get a taste of local life. I have no piano skills, so will spare the listeners though – hope to visit Italy and Tuscany someday!

  4. I love chilled out, laid back Indie joints so this list is surely gonna come in handy when I visit Tuscany. Italy was not on top of my list (Since I have only seen the more touristy stuff) so time to give it a second chance 🙂

  5. I love the wonderful Tuscan villages and little family restaurants – simple food with a glass of local Chianti. Not very Indie though 🙂

  6. In Florence a guy took us to a Uni student hangout so we could try Ribolita and Pappa al pomodoro (sp?) – I really loved it. It was a little underground tavern and we never would have found it otherwise…

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