The unique magic of a wedding in the UK: which place to choose and why

I come from a very Mediterranean place, you know, my beloved south Italy.

And here in south Italy, wedding is something people take very seriously and maybe that’s why I haven’t had one (yet). 

But I was lucky enough to be a guest at many weddings scattered all around Europe, from Serbia to France and Germany and I’ve come to the conclusion that no other wedding inspired me more than those I went to in the UK. 

Now I’ll tell you why I was so amazed to attend very English Weddings and where to get married in order to make your guest wish to stay longer before leaving the wedding venue. 

Very easy to find venues licensed for civil ceremonies  

wedding in the UK
Elise-st-Clair, unsplash

In the Mediterranean countries, there are still very few couples willing to give up the religious ceremony, and it’s a shame, in my opinion. I think that taking charge of a long-lasting love and mutual care before the State, something I truly believe in, is so… touching!

I found the Hampshire wedding venues particularly suitable for organizing the best civil ceremonies, where you can easily set up a special event, tailor-made for your personal taste, and still keeping a very iconic atmosphere. 

Here I joined a hippie wedding. It was so diverting and romantic at once!

A wedding is a few days social event (able to change the lives of the guests too)

wedding in the UK
Clem Onojeghuo, unsplash

“4 weddings and a funeral” is part of my general knowledge and an important step of my personal emotional education (maybe because Hugh Grant was my very first crush, before I fell in love with Leo Di Caprio?). 
When I saw the movie, I thought how amazing it would be to sleep in the big manor or in the park area where a wedding takes place, like Charlie and his friends did for the first wedding (among the most popular wedding venues in Berkshire you might see what I mean! I’m pretty sure many of your guests will book a couple more nights). 

This is a great and true “travel experience” for a guest coming from abroad to join your wedding. 

Staying in such an amazing and, let’s say, isolated and out of time space for more days will give you the chance to meet people that become your travel mates and might change your life (and be the protagonists and organizers of the next wedding, just like in the movie that changed forever the perception of the very English country life). 

LGBT people can get married in the UK

wedding in the UK
Dylan Nolte, unsplash

If you belong to the amazing and wide LGBT community, you must know you can by law get married in the UK, enjoying the romantic, poetic landscapes but also creating lively and original settings. 

That’s what I love most about the UK. This country is both strongly traditional and iconic, as you might see in these amazing Surrey wedding venues, but also dynamic, ironic and always a pioneer in civil rights and in accepting changes. 

What I’ve noticed and as I was told by brides and grooms, is that you can choose very classic and stylish locations, giving full space to your creativity in the general organization of the event. 
No wedding in the UK is similar to the others, they all have different themes, settings, rites. 

A true experience for lucky travelers invited to be a part of it. 

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