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Places in the beautiful Warsaw where you can quench your thirst for tea, coffee and pastries or have some appetizers and brunch with local products prepared in a modern way.

It’s your weekend getaway in Warsaw, your Warsaw Concert (if you’ve never heard of this amazing nocturne by Addinsel, find the time to listen to it).

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You are therefore allowed to wake up late in your hotel, hostel or wherever you’ll be, and break out of your lethargic state to appease your post-hangover munchies. You’ll be looking for the best place to eat something sweet similar to breakfast, or something savoury, or else opt for a healthy way in between a late breakfast and an early lunch.

Let me suggest you where to go to taste the best products in town and find particularly instagrammable places, that is to say “particularly nice and graceful to see”, regardless of how much you like taking pictures for Instagram.


To Lubie

Freta 8, Warsaw 00-227

where to have a great breakfast in Warsaw

Chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, and blueberry cakes way better than Wong Kar-wai could ever imagine, but also coffee/tea or cookies to be tasted individually at the counter, with vegan alternatives too.

This place is centrally located and you can also have a savoury breakfast if you like, or its veg friendly alternative. By the way, it’s pretty close to the Marie Curie museum (a must-see!!!)

Café Bristol 

Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44

dove fare colazione e brunch a varsavia

Bristol is located a few steps away from the Saxon gardens and the civic art gallery, in a wonderful rococo building in the centre of Warsaw. It offers the same food variety of To Lubie, with the addition of a very fine wine selection (you might end up wanting to drink some at a certain time of the day) and a trendier and more classical style setting.

If you’re more into a sweet European breakfast, you can ask for the set menu that includes the bread basket, cinnamon rolls, an empty croissant, coffee and orange juice. It’s basically a way to ask for breakfast and also taste some Viennese pastries.

Shabby chic coffee & Wine bar

Ul. Piwna 20/26

Shabby chic coffee & wine bar colazione a varsavia
Shabby chic coffee & wine bar

The shabby chic coffee & wine bar, with its tables, pillows and coloured cloths, is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, in a narrow road closed to traffic, and I just can’t help but love it, even just for its name. There are bunches of fresh flowers and a ginger smell to round off the offer, which is pretty good and varied even though the place is smaller than the two above that are definitely bigger.

If you stop by for a brunch and want something savoury, ask for some horseradish sauce canapes, a typical and also veg friendly local dish you can basically find everywhere. The taste is strong but even life can be, so go on tasting, living and loving.

Kafka Cafe

Oboźna 3

Kafka café Varsavia - colazione e brunch a varsavia - coworking
Kafka café, Warsaw

Kafka café is probably my favourite place due to my passion for hybrid spaces, where there’s room to eat, live the community and even do some co-working. Besides the above, Kafka is also an independent bookstore and only sells local, zero-mile products.

Now, let’s suppose you overdid it a bit yesterday (in any sense one can overdo something). You’re hungry but you also have to work and don’t want to waste precious time useful to visit and live the town, considering you’ve already woken up late.

Here at Kafka, you can taste some good zero-mile food, while breathing local air and possibly getting to know very funny people, if you feel like it.

You will like it especially during summer for its outdoor spaces with deck chairs, live music and DJ sets events. But that’s another story, let’s get back to breakfasts.

Petit appetit

Nowy Swiat 27

uovo tramezzino e salsa di avocado - varsavia - dove fare colazione e brunch

Don’t let the name fool you: this is neither a place based on French cuisine nor devoted exclusively to people with a “small appetite”. Poached eggs served on toasted sliced bread with avocado sauce (the best I’ve ever had) are just one of the good ideas you find here and that you can try at home.

It goes without saying that you’ll find the horseradish sauce here as well but, as far as I remember, it’s not as good as what they serve at the Shabby Chic café.

Are you planning to take a trip to Warsaw? Try going to these places, tag me in your pictures and tell me what you liked the most in terms of food, breakfast and locations.

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