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May, 27th 2015
Bruges, this small, quiet and picturesque Belgian town, apparently so perfect as to be on the verge of boredom, has in itself, in fact, very vicious elements that are worth discovering.

The following tips are not suitable:
– Those suffering from high blood sugar
– Those on a diet (for any reason)
– Those who don’t love the food vices that only Belgium may propose.

I say, right away: in my routes between Brussels and Bruges (which has enjoyed my presence three times ), my liver has come to tell me

‘Liste baby, enough! I can’t go back home this f*** way’.

cibo bruges

But no, I did not listen. And so why should I not drag you too far astray?
Let’s start.

1 – Chocolate museum

ciocco bruges

The Choco story is in Wijnzakstraat 2 (Sint-Jansplein) and offers games with chocolate, tastings, workshops as well as illustrative paths on the history and the production methods from the ancient Maya to present days.

Different costs for different ‘combinations’ and packages, never above 15 euro. http://www.choco-story.be/NL/

2 – Frietmuseum


Before the museum, taste the street ones. Better to choose local street sellers of the downtown. Small tip: go where you see teenagers, they are top expert. And then try those in Belfort area.
But back to the museum, it is located in the building of Saaihalle, and is open every day from 10 to 17. There they will tell you about the tuber’s history, some old and modern recipes; one of the nicest things are the objects and old design furniture used in the past.

Look for your hostel in Bruges

3 – Brewery

“De Halve Maan” is the only still working in the city centre, although the beer presently produced here is ‘Brugse Zot’, while  De Halve Maan beer  is produced by the same name  brewery located in Walplein 26, where of course you have to go!



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