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June, 6th, 2015
there is an endless stream of rumors and clichés around women who travel frequently and repeatedly alone, all over the world.
We will dismantle only 7 because 7 is a number that always gives good results on the search engines (#imjustablogger)

1 – They are single ladies
It’s not true. It may happen that some they are, but one day they cease to be, and despite of their new love story they don’t stop be a solo female traveler.
Some pass through several – even important – stories, remaining faithful to their hair color or haircut, their favorite type of pizza and the habit of traveling on their own, sometimes.

2 – They are pissed bitches with relationship problems
Oh please! This cliché is often related to the ‘strange’ fact that, as stated in paragraph one, they are not necessarily single. And if you make a trip alone despite of the loving concern of husbands, boyfriends, fathers & mothers and even children  waiting at home and worried for you – or for your absence -, you can only be a heartless woman.
Well, life and love are different than that. Love for others is shown through many strange ways and forms and the periodic tribute of a single lady traveler to her mental health, expressed through a solo traveler, will not reduce her love nor its manifestation. Indeed, the journey in autonomy is one of the ways that many people have to go back to being at their best and be a better person with others.

melbourne street

3 – They have no fear 
This is very miselading!
The more a woman travels, the more she reads and is informed about the world and the dangerous things happening all around it. And they are afraid like all the others (maybe just in a less hysterical way).
But curiosity wins over it and they believe that fear is not a good reason not to do something.

4 – They look for themselves
Nothing to add to this very irrelevant idea. I just say that a lot of solo lady travelers realized that the world is amazingly full of things to look for, that are much more interesting than the overrated ‘myself’.

5 – They have no jalous partners
Ah, such a good, evergreen excuse!
I can’t travel alone because my boyfriend / my girlfriend is jalous.

So I wonder, is he/she not jalous even of all the people you meet in the common daily life? Is he/she not jalous of all your colleagues?
And if so, this prevents you from working?
The truth is that the matter of a woman traveling alone has no connection with the jealousy of the partner.
Many single lady traveler do have jealous partners.
Many single lady traveler, do are jealous! But they handle this like any other irrational apect of love.

The dividing line is not jealousy, but maturity (of the person and of the the relationship).


6 – They are not pretty
This cliche is the most vulgar, since connected to and deriving from a dual hyper-patriarchal stereotype, namely:
a. the less a woman is beautiful, the less she must be afraid (of all the bad things that every woman seems to be designed to in the recommendations of fathers, mothers, friends, like rape, molestation, murder, rape, blackdeath, voldemort and rape)
b. They have no one to accompany them, just because not physically attractive.
There is no link between traveling alone and look,  like there’s no link between appearance and dangers.
Moreover, traveling alone can make a woman prettier for a variety of reasons that I will try to invent in a future article (#comingsoon)

foto (15)

7 – They have an affair somewhere else
What a boredom! Almost all the clichés about the solo lady traveler are almost always linked to sentimental ideas. Sorry to destroy this dream, but a woman who travels alone compulsively and repeatedly has nothing to do with love affairs. It may, at times.
Some other time the reason is to taste a Britain cupcake or attending to the coupling of Bangala platypus, and so on.

The reasons are all trivial and not very credible. Just like the reasons why you fall in love.

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