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Teaching English in Italy: everything you have to know and what to do!

What you need to do and to know if you dream of living in Italy (forever or for a while) teaching English. Do you dream of living some months in Italy, working in this country?Are you planning to come and enjoy this great real “socialist utopia” as an insider and see what it means to …

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Vacation in September: where to go and learn how to live well all year long

Leggi in Italiano  Vacation in September: it’s the right time to learn some good practices of well-being that apply all year round. Here are some places where you’ll be taught how to do it. I have some sort of traumatic recollection of the month of August, and I know it’s a common trauma for many …

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Puglia and Basilicata by car: best routes for adventure and contemplation 

leggi in italiano  A car route I know pretty well and recommend, from the sea of Puglia to the parks in Basilicata. People close to me know that I come from Puglia, I have Lucanian origins, which means I still have my dearest family ties in Basilicata, and that I’ve never truly shrugged off the …

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Digital nomad in Italy: tips for your nomad period in this amazing country

Leggi in Italiano A period around the amazing Italian scenarios, riding a vespa or an old Fiat 500; some month working from a terrace in Rome or in Tuscany, then moving with your laptop along the southern coasts of Puglia and Basilicata, replying to your client’s e-mails from a  white shore. It’s not a dream, …

facts about the colosseum_rome
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7 Facts about the Colosseum, in Rome: anecdotes and curiosities

The most curious facts about the Colosseum that perhaps you don’t know and how to learn more and enjoy at best this World Heritage.   Known also as the Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum is with no doubt one of the most popular and stunning symbols of Rome and of Italy all over the world. Even …