Why gipsy travels are better than luxury ones

I must admit it, I’m a very lucky traveler: I have often the opportunity to travel on a budgets and alternate it with ‘kind of’ luxurious trips.

Because of my work (freelance blogger and translator) and consequent spending possibilities, I generally organize very budget trips, but sometimes I get some offer to stay more exclusive hotels or I am invited to join trips in more costly and posh accomodations.

If you want some more details about how to travel like a queen despite of your bohemian pocket, here you can find some suggestions and tricks that I’ve tested. 


But now let’s get deep into the main topic of this article: why traveling on a budget is sometimes better than luxury travels.

Well, even though I have fun in both circumstances, I’ve noticed that:

Low cost travels increase creativity

When you must mind the limited budget you spend more time in searching for the best hostel/B&B/accomodation trying to understand which price/quality balance is more convenient for your necessities.
So you can find, for example, a very cheap but cozy and cute hotel in the suburbs and find a way to get to the center of to the closest tube station (bike sharing, car sharing, walking on foot but stopping every now and then in a different shop of the area, enjoying the peripheries). The creative side of travel is implemented also in preparing your luggage to make it be compliant with the low cost flight companies.

If you need some ‘creative’ ideas to pack, read the article ‘How to travel with a black hole in your suitcase’ and ‘5kg of luggage for a trip of 20 days. Practical example’

sacca viaggio

More opportunities to socialize (and learn)

Ok, I admit it: the last time I slept in hostel with strangers was in Bruges 5 years ago. I definitely prefer my privacy, even in very low cost hotels, like the one in Belgrade, that was awarded tre prize of ‘my top 1 worst accomodation’.
But in a hostel you can find people living the kind of trip that you are living and they could be a very good company, mainly if you travel solo.
But a budget accommodation can also be
– going to some old friend living abroad,
– couch surfing.
They are both opportunities to talk with locals, getting into their everyday life and learning more about the country you are visiting


Upside down, only water, only a mirror. #sofia, #bulgaria, #travelgram, #travel, #fall, #fallintravel

Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:

You just… take it easy

I’ve seen some travel mates of mine in very rich travels (accommodation, restaurants, in the most expensive areas of the more expensive cities of the world) spoil an entire day for a bad cooked meat or for a bitter salad.

When you travel on a budget, expectations are lower. It’s easier to be satisfied with what you get, learning that taking it easy can even become a life attitude.

You don’t loose energies to care about what you could eventually let go, and you start ‘choosing’ and deciding which are the things that it’s worth getting angry about.


Low cost trips make you wonder what is really necessary for you (in life). 

Recently a very smart girl that I’ve met during a Christmas-Thanking social Lunch at Cantine Severino Garofano, told me about her trip to Santiago di Compostela and about the necessity to get rid of several stuff from the luggage in order to feel more comfortable during the last miles of her path.
And she told me: ‘It’s incredible how many useless things we carry in our personal luggage in life’.

This sentence really touched me. And I think that in general traveling on a budget imposes us to think about what is really necessary for us to start a trip (any kind of geographical or emotional trip).
I’d suggest, even to people earning a lot of money, to make at least 3 low cost trips a year, in low cost flights where you must be aware of the weight luggage limitations, in accommodations where your personal space is reduced and you have to manage it. I think it can turn out to be a very useful exercise in life.



The last (maybe first) question is: what do we mean with ‘luxury’?
In my opinion, nowadays Luxury is:
– freedom
– spare time
– having time to do nothing
– self giving the chance to trust other people and to socialize with them
– a beer/white wine over the sea (but I can easily have it in my homeland, where I invite you all to come).


Come and visit Salento, the end of the earth.













  • Jenna

    Definitely a great way to look at traveling on a budget! I agree, traveling on a budget makes you realize what’s really important and it makes you more creative!

  • antonette

    Luxury for me is not about things or time, but about the ability to enjoy something beatiful in its purest form. Usually, this is a pretty landscape after a long hike up in the mountains for us, and I always feel blessed I still have the luxury of being able to do this. All the best for 2016!

  • Brenda Tolentino

    I’m coming to Salento for that glass of wine with you soon – haha! You have some good points on gypsy travel, especially the bit about luggage. The more I travel, the more I unload, the better I feel.

  • Tara

    I’m the same. I like a mix. I can’t really handle dorms in hostels anymore unless I really HAVE to. I prefer to have a private room. But I like small boutique places rather than BIG fancy chains. I like “afforadable luxury”.

  • Hugo

    Budgeting, even at slightly higher budget than low cost, always helps to foster creativity! And the more you travel, the more experience you get.

    I like that definition of luxury 😉

  • Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    I would always travel on a budget even if I had ten times more money than I do now. As you said, travelling on a budget is just more fun and the socialising aspect is the major appeal for me. You never meet as many people if you sit in a fancy restaurant than in a hostel bar, that’s a fact! 🙂

  • anna

    Hahaha! We have a hard time doing dorms as well now. Specially since we are traveling as a duo. We agree with you 100 percent. Budgeting does require a lot of creativity!

  • Stefan

    LOVE that photo of you with the sun hat sipping the white wine. And totally agree – travelling makes you realise just how little you actually need with you – the amount of rubbish we accumulate in life, which we really don’t need….!

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      Thank you Stefan! The pic was taken last summer. looks like a very luxury situation but it was in the very low budget Salento, south Italy, where it takes very little to feel like a Queen/king!

  • Sarah Ebner

    I love to travel, and agree that the best luxury is the time to go somewhere special, to have the freedom to walk around and to be away from stresses. However, I do love a comfortable bed!

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