7 reasons why all people (mainly women) should learn to travel solo (and do it at least once a year)

Have you ever travelled solo?
If yes, maybe you’ve noticed that something in you has changed since the very first time you did it. If you haven’t travelled solo yet, you’re reading this post because some hidden part of your soul wishes to.

So, now I’ll tell you why all people and women in particular should learn (yes, it’s an art and you must learn it) to travel solo.

solo travel sabrina barbante

You’ll be a person more, able to answer to those who say that Traveling solo is dangerous

I know this is the sentence that bothers all women solo travellers. You’ll be told that it’s deadly, that there are Isis terrorists everywhere and that they’ll kill you. They’ll tell you you’ll be raped or go through sexual harrassment.
You’ll be told that the black death will follow you all your trip long, since the very first moment you’ll book your hostel and that this HOSTEL will be like the one of the old horror movie. You’ll be told this everytime!

You’ll be suggested to make testament.
We, solo travellers, need to hire in our army more girls able to give the right answer (you’ll be the living answer) to all this people trying to stop

love for life
love for the wordl

Why don’t you join us?

This is a political action! 

‘Solo’ doesn’t mean lonely. This is a way to explore your own authonomy. This is a way to find the ‘room for one self’ in any place of the globe.
For a woman (but I suppose also for a man) travelling solo is a political action, the clear declaration of your abilty to take care of yourself, of your soul, of the things you want to do and also those that you don’t want to do at all.

Are you in Amsterdam and you don’t feel like visiting the red lights area? Nobody can tell you that this is a characteristic of the city, a kind of touristic MUST see. There’s no MUST see anywhere, it’s all up to you and your solo soul.
A soloist is a musician who create her personal melody.
Play solo all your personal choices: all the other can join and the sound will be amazing, but all must start from your personal melody.

Read some myths about Woman solo travellers

solo travel

You’ll learn about the importance of silence and of ‘suspension of your opinion’

Sometimes I’m so scared or at least confused by the amount of opinions all people have about everything. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really the only one who, in front of some important aspect of life, society, news, have nothing to say (yet). Or if I am the only one who is just creating, shaping and growing an opinion but I’m not ready to express it yet. Well, when you travel solo and you want to keep on staying alone, you can think a lot and shape opinion with yourself. And you’ll deal so much with them during your journey that after coming back to you social networks (yes, I’m talking about Facebook mainly) you won’t feel like sharing it anymore. Because it was too hard to think to spoil this sacrality in a short post, followed by opinions created on the spur of the moment.

You’ll give the right importance to things

Otherwhere, the important things are different than in you country. I don’t mean just the cultural stuff such as water in dry african countries and the importance of a smile in Thailand. These are things that you can learn in different ways, no matter if in travel or not.
In solo trips you’ll learn what really matters FOR YOU in your daily life.
What do you miss more of your comfort zone? What you don’t miss at all?
Only alone and far away from your daily life you can really think about it.


You’ll see how many useless things are in your life luggage

If you must carry your luggage by yourself, if you must take it with you to the toilet at the airport because no one can have a look at it etc., you’ll learn to really mind all the stuff to take with you.
When back from your first solo travel you’ll learn how many useless and heavy thing you’ve regretted to have taken with you, that were there only to make you suffer more the heavyness of your backpack.
You’ll learn that a trolley, if too heavy, is as difficult to take with you as a backpack (even more complcated in my opinion) and it’s not a matter of kind of luggage but of the stuff you put in it (like in life).

You can overcome Shyness

I’ve never been shy, so I can’t tell much about it. But i really suggest you to read this article by B Travels better: this very smart travel blogger explains how she overcame shyness by ravelling solo. You’ll enjoy very much her ‘Introvert’s guide to making friends in a hostel


You’ll be seen and maybe treated like a crazy one… by those who wish they could do the same, but don’t.

And it feels good.

Are you a solo traveller? What have you learned by doing that?
Do you think solo travels are suitable for everyone?

You’ve never travelled solo but you would like to? Which is the main reason that has stopped you, up to now?

Write me if you need some suggestions about your first or next solo travel. 😉



  • big booty porn

    Thanks so much for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

  • Jimmy

    I really like it when folks get together and share views.
    Great website, stick with it!

  • Dale

    Great post Sabrina! Traveling solo is a wonderful way to connect with who you really are as a person. I think many people who do, find they have personal strengths, depth and resiliency they didn’t they had previously. And like you and the others said, it’s easy to meet people if you want, or if you’re feeling lonely. Thanks for sharing!

  • friendship poems death

    Thanks again for the blog. Keep writing.

  • Uncover Your Caribbean

    “Solo doesn’t mean lonely” – walking away with that one joyfully. I am a firm believer in solo travel, for both sexes, but more so for women. Empowerment and reflection is everything!

  • Mags

    Traveling solo really is eye opening. I still prefer having a companion, but I’ve learned not to let that stop me (or I would be waiting forever lol). It is empowering. I never would have guessed a few years ago that I would enjoy it so much.

  • Lesley

    “You can overcome Shyness” has been the most important one for me. When I travel with a partner, I usually rely on them to ask questions or reach out to others but when I’m on my own I know that I have to do it.

    I travel by myself regularly, even now that I have a family of my own, and it has completely changed my personality for the better.

  • Andrea Leblang

    I haven’t taken a solo trip in many years – I always travel with my husband these days. I do treasure my time traveling alone, and think it’s good for everyone to try it out. It may not be for everyone, but I think it’s such an incredible way to grow, and to learn more about yourself. You’re so right too – ‘solo’ doesn’t mean lonely. I find that when you travel solo you end up meeting and connecting with people on a completely different level!

  • melody pittman

    I could not agree more. I would never have considered doing anything solo back in my younger days but as I get older, I appreciate being alone and the solitude it brings plus the opportunity to meet people I might otherwise have glossed over. Much continued success in your traveling Sabrina.

  • Jempi

    Great post and so true what you’re telling here! Before Nina and I were a couple the both of us also travelled solo. And it’s true, solo doesn’t mean alone at all. The places and their people will make sure you’re never ‘solo’ If you’re open for what the world and all the aspects of life has to offer. Great post Sabrina, let this article be an inspiration for all the “solo” travellers, women and men! 😉 Cheers and my best wishes for 2016, Jempi.

  • Erica

    It’s freedom at its best, isn’t it? My favorite thing about solo travel is that it helps you strengthen your instinct because that’s all you really have to depend on. It gives you a great sense of direction.

  • Alice Teacake

    ‘A soloist is a musician who creates her own melody’. Right on Sabrina! Great post and a really motivational read for all the ladies out there who want to make 2016 their travel year!

  • Becca

    Thanks again for the shoutout! This is a great piece. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sue @NoFixedAbodeForSue

    I have never consciously traveled solo (I take that to mean vacation solo) but I do find myself in various locations around the globe with days on my own to fill now and will often take flights on my own. I agree with your articles premise, the experience is quite different when you only have yourself to answer to, decisions you make alter for sure. Quite thought provoking article, thanks.

  • anna

    I agree!!! Solo doesn’t mean lonely!!! In fact, I tend to meet more people when I travel by myself rather than with my partner. I backpacked by myself for a year and it changed my life! Gained an incredible sense of independence.

  • eebest8 seo

    Really informative article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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