My top 5 worst hotel

So, all travelers know that not all ho[s]tel can be good.

All ho[s]stels know that not all travelers are always good. So, today I won’t be good at all and will make you a short list of the worst hotel and hostels I’ve bumped into in the last 10 years.
Ready? Go!

1- Piccadilly back packers, London.
I went there 3 times. The very first time in 2004. As a solo travel, I booked a 4 female room and I was quite good. It was poor but clean, all I needed was there so it was fine.
I came back 2 years later and the cleaness had worsened and the price increased. Then I came back again in 2008 (well, if it hadn’t been in such a good position I wouldn’t have given it the 3rd opportunity) and I decided that it was the last time. Since then, I really hope they’ve cleaned the rooms every now and then and that the showers were renewed at least once.

2- Royal hotel, Belgrade
Very central, but if you have any kind of dust allergy or if you are just pissed off by dirty environments and squalid rooms, it’s better to search for something else (I grant you’ll find something better at the same or lower price). Very poor breakfast and mind everything you leave on the table while having it.
I ‘lost’ a city map I’d just bought.

3- Solemare, Capo Vaticano, Calabria, south Italy
It’s supposed to be a 4 star hotel and you’ll even find good quotation on And maybe that’s why I never trust In the price, bed sheets and towels are not included. Nor it’s toilet paper. You must buy it all but you won’t find this quite important information on (I don’t even think the hotel has a website).
Moreover, they’ll require you 50 euros extra to have your room cleaned. And cleaning is compulsory. Yes, you got it: you must pay an extra that is actually compulsory. And the room will be cleaned only after your departure and not every day.
Nothing to add.

4- Avalon, Dublin
It’s a hostel, so you can’ expect and extra luxury accommodation. But what I particularly disappreciated was the fact that there was few showers, and for male and female together. No separated toilets. This transmitted me a sense of non-caring for travelers’ basic needs.

5- hotel Europe, Paris

If you are able to go up the nightmare stairs (no elevator) and get to the room you’ll be assigned, you’ll find tiny spaces, often uncleaned, sheets not as white as they are supposed to be in a decent room for decent people, a toilet with no soap or shampoo. If you are not lucky (and if you are here you are not), the flash will keep on dropping for the whole night and this will add a bit more spirit to your sleepless fight against the uncomfortable pillow.

And that’s it!
(If you are courious and cautious, look for the above mentioned hotel on tripadvisor


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