On the things to do while waiting for the next trip

Hi, I am Sabrina and I haven’t travelled for almost 3 months.
This sentence, for any compulsive traveller, feels like a reverse rehab!

So this morning,while waiting for my man to wake up and be ready to go to the beach, I decided to make a list of things to do (that I must do) while waiting for the next trip, so that I can feel better.

Sorry, I need to write down things to see them clearly, and with a blog I have noticed that they can be useful also for others, or funny at least.

So I hope I’ll be useful or at least funny for you too.

what to do while waiting for the next trip


Think about the reasons why you are not presently travelling 

There are several reasons why a serial traveller spends some months in no new destination.
Often the reasons seem something bad, but I think that the most of times they are not bat at all.

I’ll do my personal example:

I’ve been working hard (and I like it because I love my freelance job), I’m making time consuming projects with my boyfriend, I’ve been sparing money for projects and travels.
In my case, they are all amazing things that I’m actually grateful for. So, keep calm and be grateful.

Ok, now I already feel better.

Travel your own land

travelling salento my homeland - sabrinabarbante.com

I’m sure there are so many more or less hidden corners of your home land that you don’t know yet.
Jump on a local train or on your car and reach them.

It will look like an amazing trip! I love travelling my homeland!

Salento (and the Puglia region) is amazing, is one of the most beloved summer destinations in Europe and I really suggest you to come and make a visit.
So you’ll understand why I generally don’t plan any travel vacation in summertime.

If you are looking for a luxury accomodation in Salento, allow me to suggest you the Salentodolcevita amazing villas. I love their interiors, their pools in amazing gardens, their homes with terraces overlooking the sea. 

IMG_1158 (1)

Read (travel) books

Once I was told: travel as soon as you can. When you can’t, read. Or write.
Reading a good travel book is one of my favourite things to do. No better way to travel sitting on your sofa.

Write travel stories

If you love reading about love and travel fiction, read (for free) my love and travel very short novels 😉 
Well, yes; a therapy I take advantage of,  while I’m not travelling, is making up stories set in the last places I have visited. This is a way to live the destination again, and creating new stories. It’s like travelling again but in someone else’s shoes!
This is the magic of writing novels: you can pretend to be 10.0000 new people in 10.000 new and old places.

Talk and dream about the next destination to go (as soon as you have money/free time/the occasion) 

sabrina e nadia a sofia

Yesterday night a friend of mine, the ginger that I went to Sofia with, texted me about our next trip together. Having a friend who, for the secon year, plans her vacation according to the period you can travel with her is in my opinion one of the 3 most significan ways to show true affection in the world.

So we have decided the destination and the period. We are just waiting for the BND (“book now day”). Coming soon.

Read travel blogs

Travel blogs are my favourite on-line readings. I like surfing on the web to find new ones and get inspired. Any suggetion about bad ass travel bloggers to follow?

And what do you do while waiting for the next time
you’ll do something that you really love? 

15 thoughts on “On the things to do while waiting for the next trip

  • Agosto 28, 2016 in 6:48 am

    I’m in the between trips too. I’m just trying to work and save up for the next one! Great idea to read more travel books 🙂

  • Agosto 9, 2016 in 4:52 pm

    I love traveling and meeting people from around the world. I Visited Prague last month and already planning my next trip to visit Israel. I am so excited 🙂

  • Agosto 8, 2016 in 10:57 pm

    I love reading and as you mentioned above Maeve Brennan is a brilliant author, I read the visitor and it was great.

  • Agosto 8, 2016 in 8:36 pm

    Well, at least you can still wake up and go to beach haha. Since I left my country 4 years ago, I only have a glimpse of the beach once in a while ;( But yes, I always miss travelling, even though I am not a compulsive traveler myself. Great tips 🙂 I love reading books, so why not reading travel ones as well.

  • Agosto 8, 2016 in 4:57 pm

    Talk and dream about your next destination got me laughing, yes we can and should but sometimes our dreams go way over and the talk gets twisted.

  • Agosto 8, 2016 in 12:34 pm

    Although I do everything mentioned in the list, I have never tried reading a travel book. Probably because I did not find any that interested me enough. Let me know if you have anything specific in mind regarding travel books that I can read since im not travelling now for quite sometime and would like to do something related to travel till I start packing my bags again.

  • Agosto 8, 2016 in 10:19 am

    I love traveling and exploring new culture, but for some reason I can’t do it regularly! So I just go with my imagination! That’s why I often read travel blogs and travel books!

    • Agosto 8, 2016 in 11:29 am

      It’s a shame life sometimes prevent us from travelling! Gratefully there are so many amazing ways to travel without moving

  • Agosto 7, 2016 in 10:23 pm

    I am busy planning a trip right now. I do feel the travel bug and I hope to finish planning soon. It is so much fun to go away with my family.


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