So you have just published your new great blog post, don’t you?

What shall you do now to let it be read by as many people as possible?
Just sharing it on facebook?
Just sharing it on twitter?
Mmmm, well, yes but there’s something more you should (must?) do to increase your traffic and give the deserved visibility to your little-big piece of knowledge.

Now I’ll tell you the 5 things I do ALL THE TIMES, and that turn to be very useful when it comes to traffic and engagement.

5 things you shoud do after you publish a blog post

#1 -graphics. 

Have you seen the picture above ? Well, that’s the last thing I have done before pressing the “publish” botton.

Working on graphics related to one specific post is very important for the right and most effective social sharing process.

In fact, each social network needs a peculiar graphic size, for a better visibility.

Since Pinterest is very important to increase your traffic, you should do a graphic for pinterest more or less like the one you see before this first paragraph.

Then, you must adapt it to twitter (and facebook).

Now you may say: I don’t have all this time to waste! I must get a life!
Right. So, download the Apps Canva and AdobePost. They are great and allow you to make kick ass graphics for all social networks in a few seconds.


# 2  – Social share


Ok, now you can share your post on social networks introducing it with the graphics that you have just edited with the above mentioned Apps (I suppose there are other quite good Apps but I really suggest you to try the 2 I wrote you about. In particular Adobe Post, that automatically adapts your edited pics to all social networks).

#3 – Planning next social shares

Sharing just once is like not sharing at all!

Don’t let your post (so your imagination and writing hard work) be forgotten in the world wide web. You must share it again and again, over time.

How to do that without losing your life time?
You can use a tool to schedule your tweets!

Many blogger use Hootsuite. Personally I don’t love it (I know I’m one of the few).
I use tweetdeck , that allows me to schedule (for free, this web tool has no costs) each post.

So, after I write a post I go on tweetdeck and schedule the post (with the relevant image madesuitable for  twitter with adobepost) for the next months (let’s say, at least 4 times in one year).

I do the same over-time-scheduling on the blog facebook page (this blog and me have no facebook page, for a choiche tha I explained in the post “Things all bloggers must do… but I don’t”.
Anyway I do this scheduling for my client’s posts, such as,,

# 4 – Share it on stumpleupon and blogloving

sabrina & amazing weekend getaway in Sofia

Nothing to add as a comment to this. Just do it!

# 5 – Share it on fb groups for comments

This is another very important aspect when you want your content to be read and when you wish to gain traffic and engagement.

Sign up to bloggers facebook groups, such as Female Travel Blogger, Travel Blogger Mega Share, Friends who love blogging etc. (there is plenty of them, not just fot Travel bloggers) and join threads games.

Generally the admin sets the rules, such as: post your article in comments and hashtag the number of your entry. After the thread is closed, you have 48 hours to read and leave a relevant comment to all the other entries (or just a set number of them).

That’s a great way to get regularly in touch with other bloggers and create a good bloggers network. (this is the funniest part of the game, in my opinion!)

What do you regularly do after you press the “publish” button? Any advice for me? Write in comments 😉 

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24 commenti

  1. Hi Sabrina, i ve just started a new blog, wanna try to share my safety and security knowledge. i m using google blogger, and i m still trying to figure out colours and graphical matters, and not satisfied yet. To stay in topic; after “publish” button i use feed rss tools and newsletters , now i haven’t got a real public, i can say my blog is in a test phase. Anyway, i ll try to follow you more and use your advices about contents spreading. By the way, nice blog, nice graph, nice contents.

    See ya.

    1. Hi Fabrizio, I’ve just given a look at your blog. I see you write in Italian! Great, if you’d like to increase your traffic ask me a Facebook contact and I’ll invite you to an Italian bloggers’ secret group with activities to increase traffic, engagement, social shares. I don’t have a newsletter but I know many bloggers do, this can be helpful for your traffic. thank you for your comments abt my blog, this means much to me. keep on following!

  2. I used to be terrible at following up/sharing my blog posts. I used to think I could just write it and people would magically find it LOL I’ve definitely learnt now though, and getting better at the whole blogging world thing 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. These are some great tips! I’ll admit that I could be better about doing all of them together .. every time. I also participate in a lot of linkups, which are big among style bloggers.


  4. There are plenty of ways to promote a blog post and it’s essential if you want people to read what you write. This post is perfect for new bloggers or those who are monetizing their blogs.

  5. Pray! I’ve been blogging for over a year and have finally gotten serious about it. I’ve been following a lot of other bloggers advice. I guess hard work and time will tell! Thanks for the advice… All beginning bloggers need to do exactly this.

  6. I email those people whos blogs I mentioned in my post, to tell them they were mentioned and include a link to the post. I also go to Ninja Outreach and find out which people shared similar posts, and email them, asking them if I can send them a link of my blog post.

    Great tips!


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