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Design and lifestyle ideas, from hotels to your house

Leggi in italiano  When I talk about “taking something from the hotel” I stay at, I don’t mean bathrobes, towels, slippers and all that kind of stuff. It’s not simply out of a personal travel ethics but also because there’s definitely no chance I can squeeze more things in my baggage and especially in the …

viaggio da sola a Sofia
Destinations English

5 things to know before going to Sofia, Bulgaria

Leggi in Italiano  The Bulgarian capital is not one of the main tourist destinations selected by the average weekend traveller of Western Europe, let alone the international wanderers. People choose to go to Sofia, Bulgaria partly because flights are particularly cheap at certain periods and partly because, at some point, you realize you’ve visited all …

Destinations English

Reasons to visit eastern Europe (besides the undeniable beauty of the East)

Leggi in italiano  Let me guess, you’re planning to visit new destinations next year, aren’t you? We all have our dream destinations and when you dream, you’d better do it passionately and boldly! I dream of Japan and Thailand, Barbados, Jamaica or North Africa. When it comes to planning though, dreams are scaled down (but …

find your personal balance working as a digital nomad
blogging tips English Freelance Life

How to find your personal balance… as a digital nomad (using social networks)

Leggi in italiano  Social networks can be funny and even useful, if well managed, also for your working life. Digital nomading and freelancing can be indeed detrimental for your private life, if not well managed. As usual I won’t take it seriously but I’ll try to give you some tips on how to find (back) your …

what to do after you publish a post
blogging tips English

5 things to do after you post an article on your blog

So you have just published your new great blog post, don’t you? What shall you do now to let it be read by as many people as possible? Just sharing it on facebook? Just sharing it on twitter? Mmmm, well, yes but there’s something more you should (must?) do to increase your traffic and give …