Reasons to visit eastern Europe (besides the undeniable beauty of the East)

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Let me guess, you’re planning to visit new destinations next year, aren’t you?

We all have our dream destinations and when you dream, you’d better do it passionately and boldly!

I dream of Japan and Thailand, Barbados, Jamaica or North Africa.

When it comes to planning though, dreams are scaled down (but never given up on) and you think: given the time and money I have available, where can I go to see something beautiful and exotic? What can teach, give and tell me a lot, leaving me amazed and full of new ideas and lessons? (it’s an aspect I at least tend to pay a lot of attention to when travelling)

Then, another aspect to think about is also where we can make beautiful Instagram stories and take great pictures. (well…yeah, this is something I also take into consideration, I confess).

Let me tell you: plan some trips to eastern Europe and the Balkans. These places are mysterious, wonderful, magic and above all… unexpected, full of surprises and exotic as well, even though they’re basically just around the corner and not very far away.

Besides the beauty of these places, here is why you should really consider travelling east!


consigli per chi va a mostar

I still remember what the man I used to meet every morning on the Mostar bridge, in Bosnia once said: the coexistence of different cultures and religions as well as the clash of civilizations is a recent western invention that makes no sense to us. Three religions have been coexisting here for over a thousand years!

His words were ratified by the bells chime, followed by the muezzin chant (they even shortly overlap with each other) coming from the minaret located in front of the orthodox cathedral.

Well, have you ever heard the bells chiming and the muezzin chanting at the same time, while you’re sitting on the steps of an old house in a medieval village and watching the sunset?

This is way more “exotic” than you think. All this happens in less than an hour flight from Bari.

Have you ever been to a square where you can visit a mosque, one of the biggest synagogues in Europe as well as an orthodox and a catholic cathedral dating back to various periods of time and in different styles, all of which are still active and operating?

You don’t need to go far, it’s just one hour flight or so from Rome and Milan, with very cheap direct flights to Sofia.


We haven’t felt the thrill of visiting a European country and changing currency for quite some time now, at least in the main western destinations. Well, not only the majority of the countries belonging to the former Soviet bloc are not part of the Euro zone, but they also have a very favourable exchange for us, that is why you can enjoy a little extra pampering without spending a fortune. I stayed in a 4 star hotel in Warsaw and spent the equivalent of what I would pay in Rome or Paris for a decent hostel and, believe me, if you want to visit a European Capital with all the features of a real capital, you need to go to Warsaw!

Well, let’s now try to focus on the question of the strong Euro currency: don’t act like wealthy colonizers, please! Eastern people don’t appreciate it by the way (and they do well). Therefore, you should leave at home your hope to find relief in “such poor people, yet so happy”; leave at home, possibly in the garbage, the unfriendly attitude of the colonizing saviour that we all carry along when we travel to Africa or Thailand. Eastern people are very proud. They actually don’t care that much about your wealth: if you’re kind and act reasonably, then they will be kind to you. If you do stupid things, they’ll point that out to you regardless of how many dollars or euros are in your wallet.

Some months ago, I was interviewed during the radio program Capital in The World to “defend” Sofia from the ironic but also resentful attacks of Doris Zaccone.

She has a very bad memory of Sofia, so negative that she wouldn’t recommend it as a destination to visit. The reason is that one morning the owner of a bar snapped at her because she wanted to pay breakfast by credit card (that’s actually what she says, even if she states that she didn’t understand a word in Bulgarian).

Dear travellers, you should be aware that in many countries credit card transactions carry a fee that is retained by the issuer of the card. Therefore, before paying by credit card the equivalent of 80 euro cents, as if we were in Manhattan, let’s consider the possibility that the fee might cost the owner almost the same amount that we paid.

If the answer is positive, a straight “screw you” in Bulgarian is the least we can expect.

In my dream world, poor people don’t always have to feel forced to smile for all the bullshit of rich people.

Discovering “faraway” things while staying close

There are times when we, as travellers, desperately need to visit some exotic place and see something really different; we actually want to be where we don’t understand things and therefore have to put our back into it. Well, if you can’t afford to go to Japan or China, Thailand or Africa, eastern Europe is more than just a compromise.

Being baffled by Bulgarians shaking their head to say “yes” in the way we do when we say “no”, knowing the dour tameness of women in the Balkans, witnessing hours of balls and singing trumpets at Serbian weddings or watching young and old people who don’t know each other spending time together in Belgrade, in the awesome park of Kalemegdan: all this will put you in front of the intercultural shocks that “those who travel” actually need.

Feeling a weird emotion with a weird, forgotten name

I Love Tirana

My advice, especially to those born before 1990, who had to decode the tragedy of the Bosnian/Serbian wars along with the fall of the various regimes and the bloodshed that took place before and after them, is to visit Tirana, a vibrant and young city, enjoying the Blloku neighbourhood with its wide boulevards. I also suggest you have a closer look at the areas that still depict the past of the regime, that are surely less instagrammable yet definitely worth a visit and a place in your memory.

Otherwise go to Timisoara to enjoy its theatres and cultural events or stop by the romantic historic centre of Belgrade or Novi Sad (Serbia).

You’ll notice how beautiful, lively and young they are. They’re among the best places where a European freelancer can live (just have a look at the amazing co-working spaces in Sofia!!).

What you’ll feel will be new, weird and especially uncommon to many of us in Italy, a feeling that entails a sense of light-heartedness and deep breath: something called hope.

Hope that something currently collapsing can be back and flourish anew in 10 or twenty years. All it takes is work and going through all the sacrifices and hardships it implies.

Go beyond the obvious in 2018, go far by staying close, let yourselves be amazed by the East.



  • Anne

    Eastern Europe is so often underrated, while in fact there are some incredible destinations there! My favorite is Poland, especially its capital Warsaw. It is an incredible city, modern and diverse. It has so much to offer for everybody, that I cab’t imagine how one could not love it 🙂 I love going there and exploring the city and all the amazing spots. My last (and favorite) discovery is a bar in downtown called Bubbles, where my friends took me to celebrate my birthday. We had so much fun! Delicious food and champagne, fantastic atmosphere – it was one of the best birthdays in my life 😀

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      I loved Warsaw too, and I found it a “Signora Capitale”, as we say in Italy when we mean that something is definitely great! In a couple of days I’ll write a post about good happy hours in Warsaw and I’ll mention the Bubbles too so thank you for helping me write my next post <3

  • Preeti

    Thank you dear .I have added this in my bucket list.Idea of est europe is great.I love those places which are not so common and I want to experience those feeling

  • UtMinh

    I have a list of travel in Eastern European countries in 2018. I need to arrange work to be able to go to many places. Your sharing inspires me!

  • Lily Ashley

    Oh i would love to visit Europe on 2018. I will definitely put this on my bucket list. Europe is one of my dream country.

  • Christiana

    I haven’t had much travels but I have a bucket list of places I would love to visit and can’t wait to begin to explore. Eastern Europe is definitely on the list.

  • Christiana

    I haven’t really had much travels but I have a bucket list that I can’t wait to begin to explore. I have always dreamed of visiting Europe and exploring the eastern European countries that have such rich and varied cultures.

  • Ana Ojha

    I’ve never been to Eastern Europe but would love to explore someday! Traveling is an overwhelming experience that gives us the glimpse of culture, tradition and embrace everyone’s diversity!
    Have a great 2018 filled with more travels and fun!

  • Becca

    As a travel blogger, I definitely am planning my 2018 trips – first up will be Hungary! I’ve not ventured or explored much of Eastern Europe yet, just a long weekend in Poland for a wedding and a long weekend in the Czech Republic. But I’d love to see more, the places you’ve described here sound magical x

  • James

    Thanks for sharing this! Being in Poland and Czech republic, they was a lot history to explore and things to do. Will definitely visit more Eastern European in the future.

  • Dogvills

    We have Croatia on our travel bucket list. It would be nice if we could visit each and every country in Eastern Europe! I have to start saving if I want that to happen.

  • Ania Travels

    I’m Polish so I know how beautiful Eastern Europe really is. I always tell people that ALL of Eastern Europe is a hidden gem. People don’t expect anything of it but always turns out to be beautiful!

  • Ana De- Jesus

    This is what attracted me to London, the feeling that it was steeped in multiculturalism and that I would literally meet people from all walks of life, which is an incredible experience. While I am not religious I think that seeing separate communities co-existing alongside each other in peaceful harmony is really quite beautiful, especially considering how many war torn zones there are! I would also love to make 2018 my year of Travel and I am hoping to tick off some countries in Eastern Europe x


    I love how frank your writing style is. Although I don`t know you personally, I feel you are the same in the real life. Coming from Romania, I always promised myself I will visit and promote Eastern European countries.Some people have such a wrong opinion about them and once they go there, there are stunned.

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      I didn’t have a bad opinion about the East, just curiosity. And nevertheless, I was stunned indeed 🙂 East is a surprise anyway! Thank you so much for reading me so passionately

  • Niekartistiek

    Thank you for sharing this! What I love about the idea of East Europe is that it is not a too common travel destination, and like you set yourself it is faraway but yet close, and still the multiculturalism! Thanks again! Will definitely put it on my to go list 😉

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