3 best Ted Travel Talks (in my opinion)

Sometimes, after I finish working, I like studying. With ‘studying’ I mean reading articles about travelling and blogging and listening to interesting talks about it.

Here are some of the most inspiring Ted Talks about travels and travelling that I really suggest you to listen to.

LAVINIA SPALDING tells something very interesting about travel writing (something that I really care about).

DANIELA PAPI explains about the issues of travel volunteering (she has a very strong and sharable position).

RICK STEVENS meks us finally  understand in a very lively and funny way how travelling can make us better and able to understand others.

They are all enlightening but… I’ve always had a question in mind: is a travel (or many travels) enough to make people better/more tolerant/more eager to learn?
I mean, human kind has always been travelling, we should be the best of the possible worlds by now.
What are we still missing in the small-huge gap between a better world- or at least a more ‘human’ person – and a traveller?

Maybe one day I’ll have the answer and that day I’ll be invited to TedTalk as well.

For now, enjoy this people and their amazing travel talks!


For as long as we can remember, stories have been a way we connect to each other as humans, the way for making people care.
And making people care is the seed of change.

Schools don’t teach things. People do.

When we travel we have just a little better appreciation of what other people have in their baggage.

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