I’ll be short, you’ll get the information you need by reading this 36-seconds-article.
And there comes a day, when you discover that there is a place in Germany where you can sleep in a barrel of wine.

vinoSo, I decided one of my next steps is the Bed & Breakfast Schlafen im Weinfass, in the Sasbachwalden vineyard, in the Black Forest.
You can spend the night there, in the elegant barrels, wake up in the vineyard and taste their wine.
I really think this is a MUST DO BEFORE DYING!
Small, small, problem: the website is ONLY in German. Write them and suggest to contact ME for the translation of their website in English and Italian. This is clearly the only solution.
Here is the website: www.schlafen-im-weinfass.de


Closer to me, here in Italy, there are several Italian wine tours available, like the one of Aosta Valley, offering you guided wine tasting tours after the usual mountain Winter activities.


Deep in the South of Italy, you should definitely rely on the Southern Vision Travel tours, that offer 7 days food and wine tasting, guided by chefs and sommelier. Despite today’s weather even here in the deep South, our Winter is milder than elsewhere in Europe, that’s why there are no Winter Activities… but drinking.

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