How to take a road trip without driving a car

Do you dream of going on a road trip but you can’t drive, you can’t rent a car for any reason or you are just for a low CO2 emissions trip? Here’s your guide!

No wonder that so many people like the adventurous idea of taking a road trip somewhere. A trip on the road is a way to discover the less known and wildest areas of a country, you can manage your time and energies better and see things that are way different than what you can find in the main cities.

But there is actually more than one difficulty in making this dream travel come true: maybe you can’t drive on “the other side of the road”, like you would have to during a car trip in Australia, or you simply can’t rent a car in some countries because your insurance won’t cover it (the problem I had when I first tried to organize a car trip in Albania).

And what about those who like the idea of living a trip on the road but… just can’t drive?

So, in this post I’m giving you 3 ideas on how you can take a great trip on the road, without having to rent a car or drive at all.

But road trip without driving are possibile, and here I tell you how.

Find a local expert personal driver

rent a car and driver_road trip_bali

There are companies in the world that are particularly aware of the fact that so many people enjoy the freedom of a car trip and, like Balicab, give you the opportunity to customize your ride, including the choice of the destinations and staying in the places you visit for as long as you wish, by offering a car rent with personal driver.

I think these services are particularly suitable for families and small groups who are willing to share the experience or the expenses and that have planned their route ahead, like you generally do when you plan a trip on the road.

Choose accommodations with private driver service included for a road trip without driving

Kutaisi, Georgia

I did it (I must say, not on purpose) during my last trip to Georgia, that became a car trip around Georgia.
I found out that, in this Caucasian country, many hotels and hostels give a car driver as an option… a very cheap one, indeed.
So, during my stay in Kutaisi I was able to visit the whole Imereti region and to get to Tblisi, the superb capital of the country.

Our driver just waited for us at an agreed time and, in case I wanted to stay somewhere longer, I just had to give him a call.

What about a bike trip?

tornango bike tour salento

If you are a low impact traveller and you can’t get enough of visiting many different areas of the same country, you should really consider the idea of a bike trip.
You can take it almost anywhere in the world, just pay attention to buying/renting a bike that is suitable for the track and path you are planning to cross.

Do like Jack Kerouac did…

bus_trip on the road_

Many of you already know that the idea of a “trip on the road” itself was unintentionally created by the American writer Jack Kerouac with his iconic novel “On the road”.

Well, those who have carefully read the book (like me) know that the protagonist didn’t have a driving license at all and he couldn’t drive.

His road trip without driving was mainly made by bus and hitchhiking. I did it (also in this case, without planning it in advance) when I went to Bosnia and I discovered how interesting going by bus from Mostar to Sarajevo could be.
So, Kerouac’s adventure aside, if you choose a country where local trains and buses are efficient and affordable, you can easily enjoy your share of freedom and wilderness with low CO2 emissions.

Mostar, old town
Mostar – Sarajevo

Some of the countries with the best public transport system, thus allowing anyone to enjoy the best itineraries by train and bus are: Spain, UK, Japan, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Would you ever take a trip on the road? Or, have you done it yet? Would you go for a comfortable car trip or would you choose train and buses?

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