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How to make a car trip super comfortable

Some people believe a car trip is a business for very young people, something that you can only take when your body and limbs are elastic and your sense of adaptation much stronger.

Well, that’s only partially true: as a matter of fact, there are so many people far over their thirties that are still eager to start very long car trips and do it at least twice a year.

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Cheaper and easier to use than a camper, a car “feels like home” for so many adventurers, and who cares if the space is smaller and sometimes the lack of space to move can cause you some pain in the back.
Anyway, there are tools and creative tricks that can turn your long car trip into a comfortable experience, even easier to live than it would with a camper!

Let’s see all of them.

Roof Tents

Roof Tents by TentBox

Have you ever heard of Roof Tents?

I’m sure that once you learn about it you’ll feel like planning a new car trip!
Imagine you can leave with your own (or rental) car and take with you a memory foam mattress, big enough for two, without occupying any extra space.

That’s what a tent box allows you to do!
It is, technically, a flat box/shell in fiberglass to easily fix on the roof of your car. As you open it, a waterproof fabric tent will pop up where you can comfortably sleep and rest.

In my opinion, the very best option!

If you rent it choose a larger car (SUV)

SUV for a car trip
SUV for a car trip

If you are planning a long car trip in a rental car, choose a bigger one. When I say bigger, I mean any model where you can have a larger truck and quite large seats, allowing you to change your position (as a passenger) during the trip or where you sit perfectly at ease and comfortable as a driver.

If you have a small car, use the roof truck at best

If you leave for a trip on the road with your old friend (i.e. your very small and old car) that is unsuitable for a Roof Tent, try getting the best out of the roof anyway.
To be comfortable you’ll need as much space as possible in the car interior, so make sure you can put all your luggage (at least the heaviest ones) on the car roof.

Look for a good luggage car roof rack that is best suited for your car model.

Consider using the trunk as a bed

comfortable car trip_manuel-meurisse

Let’s get crazy with creative ideas! If you have a bigger car/van you should try to organizing the space so to allow yourself a more comfortable and home like sleep, as if you were lying on a small bed/couch.

Save space for an inflatable mattress to lay on the trunk floor for some hour sleep. In this case, you need a car whose truck is not separated from the car interior (or it’ll look like you’ve been kidnapped one).

Plan stops in the best service stations and rest areas

cafe service area car trip_joshua-rodriguez
ph. joshua rodriguez, unsplash

If you decide to travel by car, your travel destinations can’t be the only hot spots to highlight with a red pencil on your map! Rest areas and service stations are as much important for your trip as the cities and places you’ll visit.
Search on Google those with the best food, best toilet (definitely important), best Wi-Fi connection where you can linger over the best coffee and cupcake ever.

Treat yourself with small “on the road luxuries”

picnic trip on the road_comfort by car
ph. lucie capkova, unplash.

Who said that car trips only match with hard rough life and epic sacrifices?

Treat yourself with a small tool such as a refrigerator to keep some good wine to drink in true glass goblets and buy an elegant picnic bag for your some moments of country chic elegance.

Try using solar cells lights to have some lightalso when the car is turned off.
You can also take a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your fav travel playlist.

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These might sound like small and silly details but a car trip also implies taking care of the car battery and other aspects that might over stress you.
With these devices you can have the things that make you feel more comfortable without worrying about the car.

Consider taking off your shoes when on board

take off your shoes in car trips
ph. paula may, unsplash

If you are planning a two weeks trip by car, remember that for 15 days the car will be like home. So, try making as many things as you would at home. When you are in the car interior consider taking off your shoes to reduce leg swelling and pain and also for a matter of hygiene.

Tell me about your last car trip or that you wish for in comments

how to make a car trip super comfortable
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