Destination tips for a spring weekend Getaway in Europe

Here we go with some tips about destinations suitable for European weekend geataways (that I’m quite an expert of), if you like nature & city life. 

Ok, I know, I know, it’s still February and, for so many of you, time to think about Spring is still quite far.
But I can’t help it, I’m in South Italy right now and every day I can’t help thinking that:

  • days are increasingly longer (yesterday there was still some light at 5.10 pm!)
  • weather is getting milder
  • last Sunday I went to the seaside and maybe I’ll do next Sunday as well

salento mare vino

So, you honey, must accept that for travellers Spring is (always) just round the corner and it will get closer and closer as long as we plan for the next (even very fast) trip. Let’s say a simple Spring Getaway.

As far as I’ve experienced, there are places in Europe you can easily fly to from other European countries,  and that are particularly suitable for weekend getaways becasue they can be

easily reached from many airports
cheaply reached  from many countries
be enjoyable even in a very short time

(I’ll write soon something about the ways to enjoy at best the weekend getaways, so stay tuned).

In the last few years I’ve become quite experienced with fast weekend trips, since I’ve worked for many years in a 9-18 office and my wanderlust could just be satisfied with direct flights from city to city.

So, let’s get deep into some destinations you can reach by several cities and airports in Europe and book now a weekend getaway to start well (and to wait for) the coming Spring.

#nature lovers:

1 . Switzerland, Canton Ticino

sabri relax verzasca

Have you ever visited Switzerland and Canton Ticino? There’s a place there that I  bumped into once, almost by chance, and visited again and again for how lovely it was.
I’m talking about Lavertezzo, a small village with a valley and mountains along the river Verzasca (the valley is called Verzasca, of course).

lavertezzo sabrina

There you can have a walk in the green heels among typical homes, drink fresh spring water, have a bath in the freezing water of the river (only in the areas where it is allowed). You must be very brave, and I was.

After walking, bathing etc. go next to the bridge (crossing the bridge, follow the road that goes slightly uphill, through the trees) you will see a ‘grotto’, which is a typically Swiss small family run pub, with fresh products and local beer made with fresh spring water.

You can easily fly to Lugano Airport coming from Paris, Prague, Milan (and many other Italian airports), and the hub is operated by several transoceanic flights companies.

read more about this place:

Lavertezzo, SWITZERLAND: A PLACE THAT the world must know!


2. SouthItaly: Puglia and Basilicata 
In South Italy, as I told you, spring can come very soon. You feel its perfumes even now.
south dolcevita

I suggest you two places that I’m very fond of: Puglia, that is my own homeland and Basilicata, that is what 100% of my family bood is made up by (assumed that the blood is linked to geography).
In Puglia (the heel-of-the-boot shaped region) you can enjoy very good food and amazing seasides, hiking activities and open air sports.
I suggest you to read this article: Live Salento like a local: two routes to approach the spring, where 2 amazing open air itineraries are suggested.

Then, if you are ‘action women’ (and men), you should really discover Basilicata!

This region is so full of organized activities you can enjoy such as climbing, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, orienteering, hiking, flight of the angel and flight of the eagle.
The flight of the eagle and of the angel is an extreme experience all adventure lovers must do! Have a look at for more info about the company organizing it and assisting you, the locations and places to sleep over etc.

You can reach both the main areas of Basilicata (the area of Potenza and Matera)  landing at Bari airport (in Puglia) and renting a car there. Unfortunately the public transports here are not the best ever, so ranting a car is the easiest thing to do. You’ll spend  bit more for the car but the place (food, accomodations and activities) are quite cheap!
In Puglia there are three airports and here you can find all the services and destinations available:

Read also about the 
8 uncomfortable truths
that will take you to Basilicata

#city escape

If you like visiting amazing cities for your weekend getaway, I’d suggest you
Prague, Budapest , London and Barcelona.
The reasons for all of them is that they are amazing in spring: still a bit rainy but milder than now, they start refilling with colors and life.
London is so easy and cheap to reach from any airport in Europe and Prague and Budapest are smaller (than London), cozy, easy to visit in a couple of days.


Barcelona IS spring! 
No matter where you fly from, you’ll be fully able to feel the vibes of a coming warm season. It’s hard to explain it, but when yuo visit Barca in spring even just for a week end, something changes in your daily habits, you think that there must be e way to enjoy daily life (like Spaniards do) also once back home.

Here you can learn more about
How Barcellona can change your life. 

For all the city mentioned, I suggest you to have a look at wizzAir, Ryanair and Easyjet websites and their scheduled departures.

So, where will you go next?




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