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Where are the best place for great spring shopping in Europe?

I don’t know about you, but in spring, as soon as the days smell of daisies and poppies, and when the sun is at its warmest and the days last longer… I’d better leave with no money on me.

It’s that moment of the year when strange clothing matches come to my mind as well as new ideas for the house and the accessories, not to mention the must-have shoes I can’t help buying when I find them along my way.

Well, try to imagine what travelling in spring means for a person like me! Yet, I also believe it’s the best time to travel, along with the summer, fall and winter.

Besides, my passion for new things in spring is not limited to clothing!  For instance, I’m passionate about personal beauty and home accessories, and I particularly love skin care and hair care products (needless to say!)

I also like “exotic” products but, above all, zero-mile products.

If you love going shopping for clothes, various objects and items, in particular zero-mile products in the local street markets, taking advantage of the great bargains in the shops of many European cities, you are in the right place because I’ll now tell you where to go if you want to buy nice and creative things in Europe without ending up broke.

Street markets in Sofia 

shopping sofia

Small craft and “jingling items” shop in Sofia

Cheap and inspiring, this city is made up of contaminations and you’ll find creative crafts as well as major European fashion brands… but at local costs that, I assure you, are absolutely competitive.

Among the central mall, the women market where you can fill up on coloured spices, and the shops on the side streets of Vitosha Boulevard, people passionate about things that are nowhere to be found but here and who love coloured items will have the opportunity to load their bags with stuff.

About this, I’ll be straight: if you leave with the strong idea of compulsive shopping in a city with very low cost connections to Italy like Sofia or the other cities below, I suppose you’ll leave with just one bag. Therefore, you should take into serious consideration the idea of having the spoils of your war against the sense of proportion delivered to your place by courier.

Street markets in Tirana 

mercatini e shopping a tirana

Topani Shopping Center 

The independent shops in the Blloku neighbourhood are my favourite places, among pubs with shabby chic or industrial style interiors, because of the possibility to choose unique things in their own way, ranging from earrings made with old relics of the ancient regime to decorative tiles to put up at home and comics decals we have never seen before.

Tirana is ever more European as a city, and you can find mainstream fashion products in modern malls (also interesting for architecture enthusiasts) like the Topani Shopping Center. Even here, shopping in the capital is cheaper than going shopping in the outskirts of western countries.

I think Albania is the cheapest country I’ve ever visited (and, believe me, I’ve been to several cheap countries).

Côte d’Azur

shopping in europe

My beloved Côte d’Azur is the best place to buy very chic cosmetic and body care products. Starting from Fragonard, whose products are really hard to find in the rest of Europe, which has its headquarters in Nice where you can buy products at lower costs and get sell-out items.

Moreover, the more popular brands face some good local competition, even by small craftsmen who work in the street markets selling their natural lavender and olive oil soaps, perfumes and hard soaps, home fragrances, Provence table-cloths and curtains and much more.

This region encourages shopping thanks to its colours and perfumes, and there are too many things you won’t be able to say no to.

shopping in Europe

Find out the street markets to go shopping in Côte d’Azur 


Vista del mercato di Marsaxlokk - shopping in europe

Vista del mercato di Marsaxlokk

Here’s another destination you can reach without spending too much and in a short time, which combines the passion for the exotic with the most mainstream taste.

Malta retains its “island” spirit (to tell the truth, it’s a small archipelago) based on old traditions but it’s also a place that goes through an ongoing modernization. This double-sided spirit as well as doubled speed is reflected in its products.

My dear vain friends like me, here in Malta, besides visiting the (Sunday) market at the entrance of Valletta, the flea market in Gozo and the one at the entrance of Birgu, I suggest you look for filigree jewelry, that is simple, light, typical and extremely classy. I preferred silver and white gold jewels but also the yellow gold ones are extremely refined.


shopping in europa - dublino



I recommend Dublin especially for its flea markets, like the Brocante Vintage, where you can buy used stuff but also “art”.  Ranging from beautiful and original pictures (I’ve got five at my place) to paintings, figurative art is sold down the street at different prices.

shopping in Europe

It’s pretty normal for an employee in Dublin to play on Grafton street after work and sell cds or just a few moments of good music; the same applies to art enthusiasts who sell their works down the street or in the local street markets.


 shopping in Europa - sarajevo - shopping in europe

What’s the closest place for us if we want to walk around a wonderful bazaar, full of items with the most beautiful design inspired by the Islamic tradition? Sarajevo, no doubt about it!

Look for the Baščaršija area, which is by the way one of the nicest in the Bosnian capital, and get lost among its traditional lamps and carpets.

If you want to spend a day in a bazaar-city, full of typical stuff, have a walk in Mostar, a jewel (UNESCO world heritage) made of stairs, alleys, river views and lots of green areas.


sabrina walking in a park i london with colored baloons

Save money on the flight, if you like, because once in London you won’t be able to refrain from buying things in Portobello or Camden Town. Fashion lovers should know that many young designers, who already work or practice for important brands of the fashion industry, come to these street markets to sell their micro-collections while waiting to make a name for themselves.

Therefore, you should be aware that the special skirt you really can’t take your eyes off of, which costs 20 pounds and is made of a fabric you’ve never seen before, could be the creation of a future Bella Freud or John Galliano.

What will you do then, will you choose only one of these cities (which one?) or are you planning to visit them all?


  • Sigrid Says

    Oh my! I would definitely go to the street market in Sofia for those earrings! I am building a collection of earrings from around the world and my European stuff is not that extensive yet. Would love to have a couple of these earrings. 😀

  • London Mumma

    A great lineup of European markets. I’m in London and portobello is a firm favourite of mine.

  • Nina

    I was recently in London and went to Camden Town. I found the cutest dress. Malta is definitely on the list of places to visit at some point soon!

  • David Allen Elliott

    Those European markets look like such a lot of fun out there. I know going to those small out of the way markets and finding some great and fun deals as well as getting to know the locals.

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    There are so many incredible shops that sell one of a kind products. I also loved the pictures you shared.

  • fashionandstylepolice

    Fab shopping spots here. Shopping in London is amazing. I would love to shop in Malta one day.

  • Elaine

    Oh wow, how beautiful these items were! Spring shopping sounds like such an adventure the way you have beautifully laid it out. I should love to be in Europe this time of year!

  • Chinedu

    I really enjoyed this! I’ll keep an eye out, i’ll be in London this summer and will deffo pass through Camden market for sure. I would also be interested in exploring Malta and discovering the jewellery there too! I’ll be in the US this summer too so will check things out there! Woop Woop

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    Spring shopping sounds too exciting for sure, especially for a shopaholic like me. Not yet been to Europe but from my street shopping experience, I tend to agree that one would totally love that; just like we do,right?

  • Geraline Batarra

    Such a wonderful post and those places are so beautiful and it is really a perfect springs destination.

  • Jelena

    All of the places you mentioned, I was in Sofia and I really like their street bazaar. I’m back in August and can not wait. Also, for this year I planned to take a trip to Sarajevo.

  • Alison Rost

    Sounds like a shopper’s dream come true! These places are all worth checking out especially if you live near. I wouldn’t mind going to London just to shop!

  • Amalia Silva

    Dublin and London have so many options that make me go crazy on spending money! I’m like you when it comes Spring just feel like I need a all new wardrobe!

  • Brandy

    So many spring destinations to try to add to my bucket list in Europe. Looks like a beautiful place to enjoy this spring season! I am glad you shared these ideas with us.

  • Laura dove

    Oh I love markets when we travel! European markets are the best, you can get some amazing items!

  • Diana H

    I love shopping at local boutiques. I’ve never been to Europe but am planning to go. These are great ideas for me and I love the pictures!

  • Meyzel

    Such an awesome post! I enjoy shopping when I know I’m getting a good deal. I haven’t been to Europe but the LA area has some awesome flee markets. Reading this and looking at your pics is making me want to visit Europe so bad now!

  • Iya - Louisa

    I love exploring shops and markets in different countries! I love your finds here, and your pictures are beautiful.


    I do love shopping in different types of markets. You can get some lovely local items. It’s great to get zero mile products where you can. I would love to visit the Côte d’Azur and buy cosmetics – that would be fantastic!

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