#BloggersFriday! Secrets I’ve learned to increase Instagram followers

Let’s go with social, in this #bloggersfriday (the day I share with other bloggers what I’ve learned in the last week about the blogging world).

This week I’ve been working a lot on my instagram account (In_my_suitcase, that I’m sure you’re eager to follow) and the fresh and brand new ones of my 2 main blogging partners


#interiordesign, #sea and #wild nature in Salento.

Una foto pubblicata da SalentoDolceVita (@salentodolcevita) in data:

So, I was saying, I was lucky enough to bump into several posts and tips written by other bloggers and shared in secret groups and some other personal experiment that turned out to be useful and that I shared myself with others… and that I’m sharing with you now 🙂 

But first, I want to share with you the infinite joy I felt when I knew that now you can manage multiple Instagram Accounts!!
– update your version
– go to your accout –> click on the upper right gear icon
– scroll down untill you reach ‘add an account’
– open a beer to celebrate!

Do you want to know these tricky small and easy seacrets to increase your likes and follow on instagram?
I know you do, so let’s get into this.


** Don’t over estimate filters **

I know, Instagram has filters and they are part of the game.
I know that you’ll read in many posts about how to increase Instagram traffic, that some filters have generally more likes and result more appealing than others (namely loFi, Xpro, MyFair).
But I’ve reflected and I’ve noticed that I’m always very attracted by no-filter (Normal) pics.
So I tried to publish, in the last week,

  • only best and high quality pics of mines,
  • with no filters
  • without TagForLikes hastags, just to see my pics effects.

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I’ve noticed that they stand out alone, withour any tagsForLike help.
So now I think I rather work on saturation (looks like the low saturation pics are more appeling) and black/white. No filters for a while.

mobile instagram in my suitcase

** TagsForLike **

For those who still don’t know it, this is an App that allows you to

  • choose a subject
  • copy and paste in the pics comments a cloud of # related to that subject, likely to take you attention and traffic.

It works, but recently Instagram has changed its hashtag policies (again) and you can’t put the entire TagsForLike but you must erase the site url in each cloud.

I have made a step forward and I’m trying to emancipate from T4L, creating my own cloud with 20something hashtags and subjects.

I did it this way:
I asked to all of my whatsApp friends and contacts to give me the very first 3 words coming up to their mind in the first 30 secs looking at my blog.
I chose the more recurring ones, the funniest, and I added also my personal ones.

So this is my brand new tags cloud:

#love, #instagood,#me, #cute, #travel, #photography,#travelphotography, #beautiful, #happy,#followme, #city, #streetfood,#picoftheday, #nofilter, #art, #style.#bestoftheday, #hair, #longhair, #brunette,#inmysuitcase, #comeawaywithme,#whenItravel, #street,

** Embed your insta pics in your articles and post.** 

Just like I did in this post and in many others recently 🙂
How to do it?
very easy: go to your Instagram profile, choose a pic you want to show in your post, go at the 3 points at the right bottom, choose ‘embed’, copy the code, paste it in the admin (in the code area) of your post.
In wordpress, you enter the code text area from the upper right side of the post your’re writing, beside ‘visual’.

You can embed the pics both in new articles and in old and more visualized ones.

instagram in my suitcase

In this way I gained about 200 followers in one week (I know it’s not that much for many blogger much smarter than me but if you still didn’t know some of the above tricks, you should try, it works)

PS: remember to like, comment and follow as many other instagrammer as possibile.
To be shared and cared about, you must share and care (and this is also a very good way to learn more about how to better use Instagram)

Give me your tips in the comments and put the url of your Insta accou t so that I can find and follow you



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