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Fashion tips for women, explained to men

We all, my pretty ladies, love to feel confident and comfortable with the amazing human being we watch in the mirror every morning. Often, in order to perfectly master the art of style, we follow the trends in fashion magazines, visit stores in search of trendy clothes, and try out our friends’ tips, and… listen to men’s …

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Digital nomad in Italy: tips for your nomad period in this amazing country

Leggi in Italiano A period around the amazing Italian scenarios, riding a vespa or an old Fiat 500; some month working from a terrace in Rome or in Tuscany, then moving with your laptop along the southern coasts of Puglia and Basilicata, replying to your client’s e-mails from a  white shore. It’s not a dream, …

blogging tips English Freelance Life

8 useful advices to improve your storytelling

Leggi in italiano Many readers of my blog, and lately also my Instagram followers, have been asking me to write something about storytelling techniques. I’m obviously flattered and even feel a bit embarrassed, which is often the first mistake made by writers (or wannabe ones): self-censorship, the idea that you are not “good/competent/famous/authoritative/[fill the blank] …

come usare pinterest affinché porti traffico al tuo blog
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Pinterest guide: how to increase your site/blog traffic with it

The name combines the words Pin (like pinning something up) and Interest, Pinterest is one of the most undervalued social networks by the italian bloggers and social media strategists; in UK and USA, all the sites or blogs with more that 500 visits/hits a day have a pinterest adapted graphic for each post.  The question …