Fashion tips for women, explained to men

We all, my pretty ladies, love to feel confident and comfortable with the amazing human being we watch in the mirror every morning.
Often, in order to perfectly master the art of style, we
follow the trends in fashion magazines, visit stores in search of trendy clothes, and try out our friends’ tips, and… listen to men’s suggestions.
As a matter of fact, pretty often
 the reflection in the mirror doesn’t bring us the satisfaction.

So now I would like to explain to my several male friends the reasons why so many woman like what they don’t when it comes to fashion, and the reasons why they should learn to love these items.

1. Emphasizing the hips, no matter what’s the size. 

Victoria Secret’s angels show us a world where hips are just a nature mistake. The fact men considered them among the sexiest beings in the world make us think something is wrong with us.
But regardless of our body type, hips are something very very sexy, all real man and women like noticing the classily emphasized body curves.
So, don’t forget to emphasize the waistline with the help of belts and such. This technique will visually make you slenderer and more proportionate. 

Explained to men: when a woman loves herself so much to emphasize what the fashion world consider to be a mistake to hide, she can do whatever she wants in life. Pursuing her is pursuing a sense of uncontrolled freedom.

2. Learn to love ballerinas 

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Dear men friends, if you don’t like Audrey Hepburn ballerinas in Sabrina, you have a problem with aesthetics icons.

Ballerinas are not as sexy as high heels, but they are classy, they are at the feet of women who want to run but with style, who want to dance incessantly (maybe with you) on the world scene and not to run away when midnight comes.

3. Daring wearing colors

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My dear female friends, if you’re a supporter of classic black color in clothes, make a bright accent in the form of shoes, handbag, purse, or a scarf.

I saw many girls choose black colors not only because “black is the new black” but because they want to be elegant but modest at once.
I invite all my female friends to dare being colorful!

My dear male friends, you must understand colors are a part of our colorful personality and beloved changeable moods. If you start loving it, you’ll be more able to understand all the rest.

4. Experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Look for your stylish “zest,” don’t be afraid of experiments, oblique views of others, and your own fears about the possible flaws of the created image. In the end, any outfit can be replaced, modified, and changed to something else, but without some research, it’s impossible to find your own style.  

5. Look for the reason to wear “inappropriate” pieces

Oh, how many outfits were never bought or left hanging in the depths of the closet just because there was no reason to put them on! Don’t wait for appropriate occasions – create them yourself! This approach will not only allow you to play with your appearance but also make life more interesting. 

Dear male friends, search for women eager to make life more interesting!

6. To find a new image, contact a specialist

If you want to change the image, don’t trust your boyfriends or friends in general. Even if they have the best intentions, no one guarantees that they have a perfect taste. Therefore, the assistance of a specialist will be most welcome. Just find the one whose portfolio you like (their services may not necessarily be expensive). 

Things you should forget about  

  • Dependence on cosmetics

Your favorite tools of beauty should only correct and emphasize the facial features given by nature and not cover them beyond recognition.  

  • Anti age products

Age must be welcomed, helped, guided. The world “anti” put there before your experience is so offensive, don’t you think so?

So, my dear male friends, never EVER give or suggest any anti age or cosmetics to your girl friends.

If  you’ve finally found your personal and favorite style, it could be funny to check some international dating site to meet a man to discuss about his style too, and give him some tips based on your long personal path to self love and awareness.

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