5 ways travel has changed in the last decade

The travel industry has undergone rapid change in recent years. With more and more globetrotters taking to the skies each year, we see new gizmos popping up on the travel market and new exotic locations being added to bucket lists all the time.

Today’s brand of international travellers are using technology and travel services very differently than they did just one decade ago.

Here are a few important ways the travel world has changed over the past ten years.

1. Booking trips online

app per nomadi digitali

Digital technology has transformed the very experience of booking holidays – so much so that nearly 87% of Indian travellers, for example, rely solely on their mobile phones to book their entire trip.

Online travel services have evolved to the point where the need for travel agents has become practically non-existent. Today’s websites allow people to book great flights quickly for cheaper prices and reserve quality services that revolve around their personal itineraries. These online platforms allow travellers the luxury of planning out their holidays with no stress, providing them with options to purchase hotel rooms and rental cars with no more effort than a click of the mouse.

2. Cheaper air travel

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The past decade has seen an incredible surge in the availability of budget airlines. Today’s avid travellers go the extra mile to sniff out the best deals through comparison websites and are no longer too invested in airline loyalty. This has created space for countless low-cost airline carriers to rapidly strengthen their foothold in the travel market, allowing them to account for just about a quarter of all flight tickets sold over the last few years.

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3. Enhanced connectivity

sabrina al computer mentre lavora a bordi piscina

The internet wasn’t always the cheap, brilliantly useful tool it is today. A decade ago, internet connections were costly and a time-consuming amenity to own while traversing the far ends of the globe.

Today, with the ever-increasing availability of smartphones and free WiFi everywhere, travellers are free to stay in touch and share their experiences with people they love at any time. Improved connectivity also means you can easily plan the next stages of your adventure on the fly, by checking your favourite travel blogs and forums for advice and inspiration.

4. Researching destinations

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Deciding which destinations to splurge your holiday cash on wasn’t always as simple as it is now. Travellers often had to rely on magazines, libraries and local travel agents to pick out their next vacation spots.

As times changed, people began doing their travel research on home computers. In today’s world, travel lovers still depend on the internet but smartphones are increasingly the device of choice. The sources people depend on for information have also changed from travel guides and books to personal travel reviews found on blogs and other social media platforms.

5. Photography

The way we save and share our travel memories has changed drastically over the years.

Gone are the days where you had to wait until you were home from vacation to develop your pictures. And, although people may take it for granted, great smartphone cameras have only been with us for a few years. Social media sites have revolutionised travel photography; granting us the ability to share our favourite moments with everyone we know. What’s not to love? Today’s travel diaries have become a blur of Instagram selfies, filters and brilliantly captured photographs that are enough to make anyone jealous.

So, when did you start traveling and what are the main differences you are experiencing since then?


  • Kostadin Nikolov

    Accommodation has changed as well. Now we have Airbnb, Couchsurfing, WarmShowers, Staywithalocal, and many more alternative options.

  • Autumn Murray

    So true! Travel has really evolved over the past decade. All for the better in my opinion.

  • Alexandra Cook

    There are so many changes now. Traveling now. And I love how the booking is just one click away unlike before and the fare is now affordable.

  • Anagha

    I cannot disagree with this. It’s true, new travel time has changed things around with modern technology help.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I agree that it is easier to travel nowadays than it was back then. The convenience of getting online to check on airfare, accommodations and tour packages is just awesome!

  • Katherine Gamble

    I actually started traveling in recent years. I come from a hard-working family and my parents just couldn’t afford to take us on a lot of trips. I think the biggest change will definitely have to be the photography aspect. Everyone is a photographer thanks to smartphones and you can instantly share those moments. Also, as the world moves forward, there are a lot more countries people are free to visit.

  • Ana

    So true!! I have traveled frequently for the past 20 years and it is amazing how easier it is now and how much fun it is to share our stories through social media. I still remember carrying the big “Lets go Europe” book when i backpacked…

  • pooja Malkani

    this is a great post that sums up everything and i completely agree with you. With enhanced connectivity and social media it is easy to decide and plan

  • Dea Mariano

    I started traveling 5 years ago, and the most obvious change I’ve experienced is the ease of researching for destinations. Google search engine is not your only option anymore as you can also use social media especially Facebook in researching for destinations and creating itineraries.

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