Vacation in September: where to go and learn how to live well all year long

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Vacation in September: it’s the right time to learn some good practices of well-being that apply all year round. Here are some places where you’ll be taught how to do it.

I have some sort of traumatic recollection of the month of August, and I know it’s a common trauma for many of you too: the advertising of “school things”. Diaries, notebooks, schoolbags advertised on TV in prime time that made us all develop an addiction similar to drug-addicts.

This is why once I turned into a responsible individual (when did that happen though?), I decided that August would always be the month to make “travel plans” for September and October. Ever since I created my blog, my mission turned its focus on the readers and I decided that August would be the month to help you plan your September and October trips.

Let me suggest some places where you can plan your trip/stay in September, to relax but also and above all to learn to live well throughout the rest of the year.

Vivosa Apulia Resort, to “learn” how to unplug and take care of yourself

mediterranean bush vivosa Apulia Resort

mediterranean bush
vivosa Apulia Resort

The Vivosa Apulia Resort is located down south, in my Salento, and faces one of the nicest coastlines in Italy, after crossing narrow paths in the pine forest, white sand and Mediterranean bush.

I’ve been there twice and even a neurotic and stressed person like me, can’t resist the mindfulness and yoga sessions on the grass under the olive trees!
You’re basically taught some little tricks to take a positive attitude and feel energy with you throughout the year.
Not to mention the full wellness programs that clean your skin and spirit from the sometimes devastating effects of some kinds of holidays, ranging from sunburned skin to a liver heavily burdened by junk food.

Talking about food, thanks to the help of Paola di Giambattista and her vegan and gluten free show cooking sessions on the beach, you’ll have the chance to learn many good and absolutely healthy recipes to use throughout the year. This will help you have a more varied diet and preserve the typical summer beauty.

The resort is also an ideal place for families due to the many green areas where children can have fun and run free, along with childcare facilities and qualified personnel involving children in healthy activities that require movement and help develop artistic and creative flairs through games.

Fonte Verde, Val di Chiana 

Fonte Verde, San Casciano dei Bagni

I’ve seen one of the best sunsets of my life here, that’s why Fonteverde Spa, a resort located in Casciano dei Bagni (SI), left a deep impression on me and memories I cherish with all my heart. I’ve come to know this Spa during an extensive and very challenging blog tour, and the pit stop here was an incredibly regenerating experience.

A breathtaking landscape in a peaceful and quiet setting, this place takes well-being education as the basis of its mission. The Equilibrium program is probably the most complete to regenerate your body, mind and metabolism.

Lavender treatments in Provence

Viaggio in Provenza

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested a car route to visit and enjoy Provence at its best.
Well, if you decide to follow this route in September, you should know that even here there’s a low season for hotels and spas; you therefore have the chance to more easily take advantage of the beneficial treatments with the newly harvested lavender, that is also extensively used for health purposes.

The Station thermale de Digne les Bains will offer the experience of a hot bath with essential lavender oil, that you can easily try at home at least once every two or three months in your bathtub (OK, I know, it won’t be the same but the evocative power of lavender will bring back incredible memories that will make you feel good).

In Cilento to learn how to eat and to respect and love nature. 

cilento_vacanza natura benessere

ph. Nina Strehl, unsplash

Love is an attitude that has to be developed with time and commitment. Self-love is no exception and goes hand in hand with love and respect for the environment.
Spending a week in contact with nature in Cilento, to learn the tricks of veg and natural cooking but also techniques of creative reuse, along with methods to avoid food waste and to use less plastic and toxic materials for the benefit of the environment, is an excellent way to show self-love and care for the environment.
The association il Volo della Rondine has a good project behind its back and can suggest some good experience packages in one of the nicest areas in Italy.

Watch out: unlike what can be inferred from my posts, I have no intention to talk you into becoming a vegetarian or vegan. I believe it is useful for all of us to know more tasty alternatives to our recipes, in order to eat everything (if you like to) but in a better way. And less.

This post contains reviews & links coming by free or paid collaborations. This said, I only share links if they naturally fit into a post and ONLY when I actually find them useful for my readers.


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