Törggelen: the best local tradition to live in your trip to South Tyrol

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Have you ever heard about Törggelen, a typical tradition of South Tyrol? Discover it with me, and get ready for your next trip to South Tyrol.

Do you like walking in nature and enjoying good local food when on travel? Do you like to taste the new wine, live the local traditions and … maybe you can’t wait for autumn to come in order to experience the most beautiful travel activities connected to this season?

I know that the answer is yes to everything, and that’s why you are here. So today I’m taking you on a trip to South Tyrol, in its countryside and mountain paths and its forests to experience Törggelen, one of the most local experiences you can enjoy in Italy.

What’s Törggelen?

Far more than just a tradition, Törggelen is … a healthy South Tyrolean habit that has ancient roots. It is a South Tyrolean culinary custom that begins just after the harvest. A special occasion to get together with the people closest to our heart to taste typical South Tyrolean dishes and taste the new wine.

What Törggelen tradition derives from?

National Geographic moment:
this tradition derives from the farming world – like all the most beautiful traditions in the world, have you ever noticed it?.
In the past, the harvest was an activity shared by families who bought together the tons of grapes or who helped each other for this very hard job. At the end of it, they used to share and taste the new wine, taking some rest in old cellars or in their backyards, to feast in moderation and have fun with friends.

Nowadays, people don’t meet in cellars but in the so called Stube, cozy places equipped with real wood stoves.

What shall we eat during the Törggelen

Törggelen-vino e cibo_Viaggio in alto adige

Let’s start with the Schlutzkrapfen (I’m aware a speech therapist is necessary to read this post laud), which are excellent, succulent and veg friendly ravioli with spinach.
Then you have to taste the Knödel , stale bread and speck balls, also available in the traditional variants suitable for vegetarians, with cheese and spinach.

Then, meat eaters can give a try with salted pork and sausages with sauerkraut, another culinary traditions of South Tyrol.

Finally, you can taste krapfen and chestnuts. In some cases, if you are lucky, you can find the Kastanienherzen: cakes filled with chestnut cream covered with dark chocolate.

Once you have tasted the delicacies of the Törggelen, go back to admire the magnificent landscapes that only South Tyrol can offer in Autumn.

Where to stay during your trip to South Tyrol for the Törggelen?

Dove dormire in viaggio in Alto Adige

Annie Spratt_Unsplash

When you search for your Hotel in South Tyrol, you should consider the chance to stay in an accommodation offering both a good position to easily reach the best open air itineraries, and the expertise about the best wine cellars to go to, in order to enjoy this local tradition.

I recommend you have a look at the offers by www.suedtirol-reise.com;  here you’ll find the best opportunities and hotels with spas and wellness centers combining relax, beauty, comfort and open air activities.

benessere per il tuo viaggio in alto adige

Other magics that happens in South Tyrol, during Törggelen

Now, after I gave you the most practical information, let me tell you something about the emotional universe you will feel on your trip to South Tyrol, during Törggelen.

It is a tradition that has been bringing together locals and tourists for years.
Every Fall there are people who come and go to enjoy this moment, which is first of all a social moment.

There are travelers and then there are the inhabitants of the place, living this tradition as part of their collective imagination, in a land that they are jealous of and yet they share generously.
It is the eternal movement that meets an apparent quiet, and creates the magic of a slow and respectful tourism.

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  • Cassandra Rose

    I’ve been looking for more places to add to my bucket list and love how you brought this place to life! Are there any places here that you’d recommend for a solo trip?

  • Jennifer Villanueva

    Tyrol… i hope I get to see this place in this lifetime. And hopefully get to try their local tradition. I used to be very adventurous but when i became mom, i think my sense of adventure just faded… oh well, maybe things will change when she’s all grown up! Few more years from now, ill have an YOLO buddy!

  • Jade

    I loved hearing about Törggelen- it sounds interesting and a lot of fun! I love traditions that make tourists and locals engage with each other – I think it is important to experience a new place from the perspective of the locals! Also the suggestions about where to stay and eat are brilliant! This is going on my bucket list 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Nidhi Fouzdar

    Torggelen this place is as amazing as the name itself. Unique tradition it looks. I would love to experience.

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    The word Torggelen sounds / looks Scottish to me, but I realize that I need to do more research about his tradition. The brief history you shared “South Tyrolean culinary custom that begins just after the harvest. A special occasion to get together with the people closest to our heart to taste typical South Tyrolean dishes and taste the new wine,” was a great starting place for me to learn more.

  • Ana Ojha

    I had no idea about Törggelen tradition and this sounds like a fun tradition! I’d love to try that Schlutzkrapfen and Knödel as it sounds so yum! Also, is that you in the red dress in that cover pic? You look super cute girl!

  • Backpacking Series

    Loved to read about Törggelen. What a wonderful custom just after the harvest! Tasting the first wine! WOW. We would love it and the food sounds…. we would want to try! We hope we can practice saying Schlutzkrapfen and a few other local words, so as not to need a speech therapist on our visit to South Tyrol! Haha 🙂

  • Everything On A Plate

    This sounds wonderful ! what an exciting tradition. this is the first we are hearing of it and we definitely would like to experience it

  • Amanda maguire

    Tyrol seems a lovely place to visit. I’m ashamed to say I have never heard of it before now. Loved your post and I learned something new about a very beautiful place!

  • Karla

    What a great tradition! As a tourist, I look forward joining these kind of activities so I can immerse with the locals. Btw, I had to Google Schlutzkrapfen to know the pronunciation! HAHAHA!

  • Monidipa Dutta

    io, il mio amante ei suoi figli stavano progettando di visitare quel posto, ma non può venire ora perché ci siamo lasciati e lui ha trovato qualcuno di nuovo. Ora invece di lui io e i suoi figli stiamo progettando di andare lì, hanno solo bisogno di convincere il loro papà. Se visiteremo lì sicuramente condivideremo la nostra recensione con voi .. Questo è un posto fantastico comunque ..

  • Sigrid Says

    Awesome! I would like to visit Tyrol someday. You see, we have a restaurant in Bacolod named Tyrol because the owners are from that province. They provide information about the place and I am so intrigued!

  • Jackie

    Wow it sounds like a fantastic place to visit. I love all the different tips for where to stay or what to eat, it can be very helpful when you don’t know a city.

  • Elizabeth O

    Torggelen sounds really interesting indeed. I am sure so many people would enjoy giving this tradition a go and seeing what it has to offer.

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