The Renaissance of art in Europe begins in the Street art of Tirana

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I’ve already told you something about Tirana’s street art, and the reasons why it will leave you breathless, do you remember?

A system of representations, images, colors and chromatic structures designed to improve the visual impact of buildings that can not yet tackle major reconstruction and architectural re-design work.

Tirana. Work by Eldy Veizaj. ph. 167b street

Well, you must know that if you decide to go to Tirana now, some time after my last article about the Albanian capital, you will have even more reasons to consume all your camera memory cards.

In fact, here in Tirana, street art is a matter taken very seriously, and it is not a matter of chance if In My Suitcase inserted Tirana among the cities to be considered for those who make a living with art.

The Albanian capital has just experienced another magnificent street restyling thanks to The MurAL Fest, festival of urban arts, which took place from May 26th  to  June 3rd and saw the collaboration between the Lecce-based association 167 b street and the Albanian capital.

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street art in Lecce via Novara - In my suitcase

Street art a Lecce

Albania is betting everything on art and in particular on the graffiti art, so much so that it has opened with this festival the celebrations for the Republic Day.

The art and urban decor of the capital is, moreover, entrusted to a designated body, Ndermarrja and Dekorit – Bashkia Tirane, which invited 167 b street and its international collective of artists composed by Awer (Italia), Artez (Serbia), Bifido (Italia), Chekos’ Art (Italia), Carlitops (Italia), Davide DPA (Italia), Endrit Haxhijaj (Albania), Eldi Veizaj (Albania), Eljan Tanini (Albania), Frank Lucignolo (Italia), Franko Dine (Albania), Lazoo (Francia), Theic Licuado (Uruguay).

Tirana. Work by Artez, Don't judge me. ph. 167 b street

Tirana. Work by Artez, Don’t judge me. ph. 167 b street

The 13 world wide famous artists brought their genius to the Blloku neighborhood (which I had also recommended for its shops and clubs and very high levels of “instagrammability”), giving this neighborhood full of good vibrations a new image even more lively and impactful.

Tirana. Work by Davide DPA. ph 167b street

Tirana. Work by Davide DPA. ph 167b street

Tirana. work by Eljan Tanini. ph. 167b street

Tirana. work by Eljan Tanini. ph. 167b street

The artistic direction was curated by Ania Kitlas and Chekos’art, artists and founders of 167 B street, together with Franko Dine, an Albanian artist; together the two banks of a very thin stretch of sea, which have touched for the first time with migratory flows and strong political crises, are working for a new Renaissance of art throughout Europe.

Renaissance? Why Renaissance?

Tirana. Work by Davide DPA. ph 167b street

Tirana. Work by Cheko’s art. ph. 167b street

Because the Renaissance is, historically, an era of crisis and conflict in which, despite everything, there are concealed hides of common sense; where there are administrations that focus on artists to improve cities, educate to the civic sense and beauty, create bridges.

Uncommon places where walls are not built, they are just colored.

They say that the most economically central capitals and areas give more opportunities.
Perhaps it is true, but it is in the suburbs that dreams, visions and new paths of art are born. And where new clever international relationship good practices are put into practice.



  • iris

    Lovely pics! I’ve also switched to healthier life lately and training with SportMe running app and also trying hard to sneak in my running routine into my exotic destinations. It’s fascinating to always find new running routes around the word and your blog posts are a great source of inspiration.

  • Simple Indian Mom

    Street art is something which adds on beauty to the place,Europe seems an amazing experience to hold on. Great post!

  • Rachel

    The art in Tirana is so distinct! I love that the pieces combine elements of cultural art styles as well.

  • Karla

    All these murals look amazing! I think they make the place more beautiful. I’ve also seen beautiful murals in the Philippines and in South Korea.

  • Brandy

    I am a big art person, I enjoy seeing the talent of all artists and art throughout the years. Europe looks like they have a beautiful place for one to experience the culture of art! I love this.

  • Simple Indian Mom

    Amazing as well as informative post. Lovely pictures 🙂

  • Nina

    wow, i am amazed by the talents of the artists you crafted this eye-catching work 🙂 beautiful images

  • Elizabeth O

    What a great post this is. I really love street art and there are some gorgeous examples here. I think it is so clever and such a lovely thing to stumble across when visiting places.

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