Solo travellers do it better!

Well, yes. I really think it’s true: solo travellers do it better, as far as I know.

What do they do better? A huge amount of things related to both travels and life in general.
Let me tell you what:

1 – Travelling with other people. 

Solo travellers are not solitary people at all. They are just independent people, unable to renounce to doing something they love. Or, simply, not afraid to spend some time by themselves, not afraid of silence.
I already wrote some note about ‘cat travellers’, that are in my opinion the very best companions for any step of the way.


2 – Sharing spaces
There is a space that, when shared, can get people closer, very closer. One of those places is called silence. 

You can share a room, a car, a travel, a bed, a dinner with any friend, partner, brother or sister… but only after you’ve shared a long lasting silence without any kind of awkwardness you can tell you’re really  friend, partner, brother or sister.
A solo traveller knows those spaces called ‘silence’ very well.
They’ll be able to make you feel comfortable there.

3 – Making love
Love is definitely something you ‘make’, that you built every day.


As I wrote in an article about the false myths about solo lady travellers, those who travel alone are able to see and make love from a different perspective than other people. They are able to see the difficulties of life as a part of a travel, to be enjoyed.
And… there is no better way to protect love than a partner that leaves and goes away for a while every now and then.
And yes, they are better with sex too. 🙂


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