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tricks to find yourself back again
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How to find yourself again and put yourself at the very center of your life

Little tricks that I already tried to find yourself back (and never lose yourself again) It happens often enough, not only to us women, to lose sight of ourselves. It happens to give weight and importance to things that probably are really important, like the people we love, or are just functional, such as career and …

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How to deal with fear during solo travel troubles

Being followed by  unknown men. DONE. Finding myself alone a in city crossed by a hurricane. DONE. Snowstorms. DONE Getting lost and not finding my way to the hotel/hostel. DONE. Be in a tube station evacuated (in time of terrorist attacks). DONE. Facing aggressive verbal reactions after kindly but firmly refusing a drink. DONE. I must …

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Come superare la paura di Viaggiare da sola

La paura di viaggiare da soli è spessimo il principale elemento che porta le persone, soprattutto le donne, a non fare questa esperienza. In questo articolo imparerai da dove deriva e come superarla e ti darò anche consigli pratici per “viaggiare da sola senza essere sola al 100%”. Ma prima partiamo da un punto per …

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7 things I LOVE (and you’ll love too) about travel blogging

Read it in Italian I’ve been blogging for soooo many years! Today I woke up and remembered that the first was created 12 years ago. Then it became a blog and it was so automatic for me to write about my travels (since actually 12 years ago I started travelling much and solo). I kept …

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What a solo lady traveller really needs

I was looking online for some royalty free photo ‘talking’ about travels. I came across some travel blogs with tips and handbooks on how to do ‘things’. The fate led me …. [no, it’s not true, nothing on google counts less than the destiny. Rephrase …] A complicated series of algorithms that allows the network …

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10 Tips for Women Travelling Alone

I’m pleased to host In My Suitcase this article By Ciara Gaffney,  Online Media Intern of Into the wild and Gap Year blog. Do you agree with everythig she writes? *** *** *** Without a doubt, travelling is one of the most enriching and invigorating things you can experience.  More specifically, travelling alone can be one of …