How to find true love while traveling

Who says that if you like travelling you can’t “settle down” and find true love? And, more than this, who on earth says that in order to be happy with true love you have to “settle down” at all? 

Today I would like to tell something about the many possible ways to find true love while you spend your time traveling (no matter if for your sabbatical or because you are a freelance digital nomad).

I’ll tell you about 3 ways to get new acquaintances with like minded people, eager to find some romance or situations to join in in order to widen your circle of friends and contacts in a relaxed way, with the mood that is best suited to find love, even the true one. 


dance to find love_ardian-lumi-364255-unsplash
ph. Ardian Lumi, unsplash

I don’t want to sound too “Jane Austen-like” but what Lizzie Bennet said in Pride and Prejudice is so true, and it’s not limited to the 19th Century: 

“So what do you recommend, to encourage affection?” 
“Dancing. Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable”.

Dancing is an opportunity to meet people and have an informal physical and relaxed contact, sharing energies and good vibes, something rare and harder in present social media era. So, no matter where you are, if you want to find good people to hang up with and a new romance to live, join a tango/swing/Latin-American dance class. 

You’ll have fun, you’ll make physical activities and you’ll meet people who want to enjoy life and good company: dancing is a way to lose our inhibitions and defenses, we are sincere and vulnerable when we dance. Sincereness and disinhibition is the best mood to find love.

Dating sites and Apps. 

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Timo Stern, unsplash

Let’s be clear: after we get out of school and university, i.e. those places where you meet every day more  people than you can remember, finding a person able to make you happy, no matter how long, becomes harder and harder. Even if you are a digital nomad, spending your year in many different places of the world, you’ll be busy with your job and after your PR and working day you are so tired and “lazy” and you don’t want to go out every night to meet new people. 

Well, there are free dating sites that can help you with this, allowing you to meet people with your same attitude. 

ph. Elevate, unsplash

There are several and very accurate websites devoted to make people meet and enjoy their special love (or anything coming before love) together; some of them are very precise in finding the perfect match depending on the kind of romance you are looking for. What I suggest you is to make a search for the best dating site in the country where you are now, i.e dating sites in South Africa; before you start a chat with someone, browse among all the possible dating websites also considering your age and your “sentimental history”.

These sites (and Apps) will help you find new friends and/or partners and create those situations where anything can happen: a one night stand or a true love, no matter how long this will last. 

Work in GOOD coworking spaces

coworking in italia_consigli per nomadi digitali helena-lopes-633154-unsplash
ph. Helena Lopes – unsplash

As I already wrote in a previous post, some desks and a wi-fi connection is not enough to create a coworking space that deserve this name. A good (and true) co-wo organizes events and meetings.

Well, yes, they are mainly for business and not for romance, but from these events you can create new connections and synergies able to lead you to find new friends and also love. 

Many people ask how can you deal with love, true and serious one, considering that you are in travel, always on the run, and so unable to “settle down” for a long or even everlasting period, as if true love and travel were in contradiction by default and, moreover, as if true love is only the one that lasts forever. 

Well, there’s nothing right in these intuitions. 

Time, experiences and feelings are liquid, and love is not a prisoner of space and time.
True love can last forever or for a few days or months. 

As long as it makes you happy, it’s true love indeed. 

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