Dressing & breakfast: a unique accommodation in Salento, South Italy

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My beloved fashion and travel addicted friends, fans of unique accommodations, this is for you.

Have you ever considered the idea of sleeping in a fashion atelier?

Have you ever thought about getting a tailor-made dress (a very special one) while spending a few days of vacation in a place known for its wine and for being close to one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of Italy?

Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Dress and Breakfast in Manduria.
ph. Giuseppe Fanuli.
Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Dressing & Breakfast in Manduria, Italy.

I’m presently collaborating with Assunta Fanuli Atelier for three readings and historical dances meetings, where I’ll perform the most important dance scenes of Pride and Prejudice, Mme Bovary and Il Gattopardo;

due to this project I had the opportunity to enjoy a stay in her amazing “Dressing & Breakfast” rooms.
And you can have this chance too!

Manduria, dress and breakfast Assunta Fanuli Atelier

The spaces are refined and cared for in every detail; they are  perfectly suitable for a couple romantic stay but, in my opinion, this out of time experience is a beautiful gift you can give yourself alone.

Get your slow time, reading in a scented bathtub, with a fireplace next to it, and leaving aside for a while your cell phone, work issues, relationships and everything that moves you away from your precious time for yourself.

Have a dress made or be the model for a special shooting

Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Dressing & Breakfast in Manduria, Italy.
ph. Giuseppe Fanuli.
Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Dressing & Breakfast in Manduria, Italy.

Why do I call it “dressing and breakfast”?
Easy to tell: at Assunta Fanuli you’ll have the chance to stay in a beautiful private environment adjacent to the atelier where a unique dress will be tailored for you.

Or you can just be the model for a special shooting, wearing faithfully reproduced historical clothes, atelier’s repertoire. Just like I did, for the shooting by Giuseppe Fanuli, photographer of the atelier.

If you like historical fashion style, you should know that the Fanuli’s collection also boasts the line Per Sempre, prêt-à-porter inspired by the elegant style of the past centuries.

Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Dressing & Breakfast in Manduria, Italy.

Get to know the best local wine and learn about its history

Several excellent local wine and craft beer suppliers work in partnership with the Dressing & Breakfast Atelier. In particular I had the opportunity to taste the excellent Primitivo Morella, cultivated according to biodynamic farming techniques, and I could enrich my knowledge about craft beers from Salento with the interesting Daniel’s, brewery and a store right in the historic center of Manduria.

If you are in Manduria, I also recommend you to agree, with the Consorzio Produttori Vini di Manduria, a guided tour of the local wine museum, important heritage of local cultural anthropology.

Dressing & breakfast Assunta Fanuli Atelier, Manduria, Italy

A place full of inspiration

Here at Assunta Fanuli Atelier-Dressing & Breakfast you can also get so many new cues for your home decor.
For example, I fell in love with a pillow suitable for standing at the foot of the bed, ideal not only for yoga fans but also for those who simply like changing their position and point of observation every now and then (as I suggested you to do in this post).

Every single detail is a source of inspiration and beauty for your daily life, driven to modernity from the past.

Do you have any question or curiosity about the atelier I personally tested for you?
Write in comments or contact the Atelier directly at assunta.fanuli2016@gmail.com


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