The best flower markets in Europe

Are you a flower fan? Or you are a photographer looking for colorful scenarios to portray in all your travel destinations?

I am both! I like walking in the colors, hearing people talking, watching locals buying their daily beauty or making colorful gifts to their beloved. There is a tale behind every flowers’ purchaser, don’t you think so?

No matter where you go, I really suggest you to look for the closest local flower market: you’ll be inspired for no matter what your hobby is (photography, painting, writing, reading…)

Now I’ll tell you about the best flower markets I have seen in Europe and I bet you’ll fall in love with all of them like I did.


the best flower markets in europe - in my suitcase - amsterdam floating flower market

Let’s start from the open-and-shut: Amsterdam, the main city of the floewers’ country.
The magic beauty of this market is its peculiar location, since the small shops are located inside floating barges: once, flowers arrived in Amsterdam every day from the countryside by boat and today the tradition has created this very pictoresque flowers floatig market.
Here you won’t find just tulips and tulips bulbs: there’s plenty of other cut and garden flowers and plants and you’ll find here also lovely objects to take back home.
Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam,
Singel ,


flower market sofia

Two metro station away from the center of Sofia (let’s say from Serdika station) you’ll find a colorful, cozy and very cheap (local feature) flower market. Get off in Konstantin Velichkov and walk for a very few miles (find the position here) .

If you want to stay in the center, also the Woman’s market is a must experience. Not just flowers here but also any kind of good local food and product.


flower market cours selaya nice -

Nice is so lovely for so many reasons. Small daily street markets are among them, and if you like colors to fill your day, you’ll find, in the flower market of Cours Saleya, a place to walk and have a rest.

This market is ranked by France’s National Council for the Culinary Arts. And you know French take both art and food (and beauty) very seriously.


olumbia flower market london

London is always at the top position in any list! At least for me… well, I’m quite sure you’ll like the Columbia Road Flower Market like I did. This is a flower market located in East London, along the very “Victorian” Columbia Road, where the dark “OliverTwistness” of bricks will crash with the bright colors of wooden shops and petals.


flowers market

Every morning you’ll see in the Grand Place (Unesco World Heritage) the Marché des Flesurs. Yes, here in Brussels th flower market is a part of the main local attractions! You can have your breakfast or enjoy tasty local fries surrounded by spring perfumes.

Needless (or maybe not) to say that if you come in Brussels in summer you can enjoy the creation of the huge flower carpet, very improtant local event!

Do you know any other Flower Market really worth visiting for perfumes, beauty and location? Eager to know, write in comments <3!




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