5 ways travelling can make you rich

Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about richness of the soul, peace of mind and heart and those stuffs that are enought for people like me (and most of you). I’m talking about money. Yes, you can make them travelling, in some ways.

And I won’t even write, in this article, about the work experiences that will allow you to earn as much as you need to keep a decent life while travelling; I’ll tell you about some experiences of people who made a quite good amount of money with particular (and legal) jobs that can just be done travelling.

Let’s start with:

Teaching (languages, yoga, private dance classes).
Well, these are not jobs that generally make you rich. But I mention them because there are countries such as China, Russia, Arab Emirates, where a lot of new rich families are able and willing to pay high qualified professional from all over the world to give private lessons to some family member. Travel Blogs are the best ways to have informations and contacts (nomadic matt is not bad…). If you are a good teacher of your language, you should subscribe to the international database such as findmyfavouriteteacher.com and many others.

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Cruise Ship Crew.
No job on a ship is easy, but if you’re good and patient (very good, and very patient) you can make a quite fast career, being paid more than the average amount of your peers, gaining a very solid work experience and gaining contacts with people from around the world. For those who can speak more than one language everything is a bit easier. I must say that most of the times, the conditions for people not coming from the U.S or Europe and with a lower level of education are bad and the possibility to earn a decent income is very low.

Selling luxury products
If you are a jewels maker or an haute couture designer and tailor, don’t waste your time and money staying home. At least, not only. You can create your blog, learn how to use the Social Networks and learn about SEO articles in order to be know all around the world (if you don’t want to learn it all by yourself, hire an expert… like me, for example!) and go to your clients to design with/for them your next luxury product.

Be creative and… TRUST IN WHAT YOU DO!.
I’ve found, searching on the internet, a lot of websites and blogs of people who, as far as they say, earn a quite good amount of money putting their business on line and travelling. Like in the case of wanderingtrader.com, they are not the maximum experts in something, but they are optimists. Sometimes they make their lives look more shining than it actually is… but nobody will trust (or pay a lot of money) to someone who shows to be sad, afraid, demotivated.
When they start, they trust in what they are doing even in the worse moments. And if you don’t trust on what you do, why should the others?

PS: I’ve used a lot of expressions such as ‘decent amount of money’, ‘quite a lot of money’ etc. The point is my level of ‘richness’ may be different than yours! Sorry, Bear with me.


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